Forty Two

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Reign POV

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Reign POV

"Who owns this building?" I questioned as we staked out front.

       Two tall buildings stood taller than the Saint Louis Arch. The buildings were connected by two skyways one closer towards the top and the other closer to the bottom. Sort of like the Cross Towers in Seoul, Korea. The building was bustling with employees, two valets were stationed outside of the luxurious building.

"Wolfe Táng." Axel said as he readjusted the black hoodie over his head.

          Since Axel is considered a wanted man he couldn't go to any of his known associate places to crash so rented him a hotel room much to his displeasure. He assured me he would pay me back, which I just shrugged off because the room was only three hundred dollars. While rummaging through the intel Manny managed to collect Axel stumbled upon a glare in one of the photos. Apparently it came from this building, which means the killer is either part of this organization or the owner allowed someone to use his building as a target scope destination.

"He's apart of the Triad," Axel continued. "Both the Sons and the Dark Howlers pay a tax for handling business in his territory. Other than that we tend to stay away from the big guns. They're the real deal they have a lot of shit going on."

        I was in the driver seat, looking over at Axel as he rested his head against the passenger seat. His vibrant green eyes were fixated on me, caressing me with their warm gaze.

"They'll help us clear your name?" I questioned with uncertainty as I formed circles with my thumb on our interlocked fingers.

        He must have caught on to the gut wrenching worry in the pit of my stomach. He brought our hands to his lips and gently placed a kiss on my hand. My heart was in a frenzy—beating erratically because of the affection he's showing. Caring about my feelings enough to try and soothe my worries with a soft kiss. My gut had other plans as it twisted with uncertainty and guilt.

"For a small fee."

"Fee, What type of fee? Money? Because if so I'll contribute after all this is my fault. If I would've stayed with Je—"

"If you would've stayed with him, you might've ended up in the hospital or god forbid the morgue," Axel replied with an iced tone. He released my hand so he could place both his hands on my face. "This is not your fault, Jensen was a piece of shit so he got what he deserved."

"If it wasn't for me you wouldn't be dealing with an arrest warrant for a murder you didn't commit."

"I mean we can play the what if game all day. What if Maverick never took me in? I would probably be dead or serving jail time for something else. The past is the past we can't change it and quite frankly I would do it all again if it meant you would still be in my life." Axel brushed the fallen tears that dripped out of my eyes off my face and onto his fingertips.

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