Thirty Eight

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Axel POV

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Axel POV

     A soft moan mixed with my grunt swept out of Reign and my mouth as we climaxed with one another. A curtain of dark curls cascaded around her face as she peered down at me. She shut her eyes then she slid her bottom lip into her mouth. My hands were on her round ass as I guided her to my rhythm. Her pulsating vagina repeatedly squeezing my john caused me to spill my men right into her womb.

     She then wrapped the covers around her captivating body as she crashed beside me. Her labor breathing was arousing and I'm quite sure she wouldn't deny me if I decided to add a little bit more moisture to her drenched lower region.

"No more." She giggled as I placed kisses all over her face and neck.

Her legs were still visibly shaking as she attempted to come down from the high placed upon her. Damn I love her. I braced myself on one arm so I could get a better look at her. Her doe brown eyes were peering at me joy and love. A full blown smile attached itself to her face causing her dimples to make an appearance. To my dismay she tried to cover her face with the cover.

"Reign?" I chuckled as I gently tugged the covers down so I could see the face of the woman who somehow managed to get me to fall in love.

"If you keep looking at me like that I'm going to cave and we're going to go for round five." She retorted as she managed to keep the cover over her face.

"Round four," I corrected with a smile. "Round five sounds tempting maybe this time I can hit it from the back?"

Before she even had time to respond the door burst opened and in came Manny.

"I knew you were gay," Manny dramatically sighed. "It's the twenty first century no one is going to judge you for being gay or bisexual. I'm cool with whatever, I accept you for you not your sexuality."

"I have a gun within reach, I'm sure I would accept you being dead." I retorted.

"That doesn't even make sense," Manny said with a patronizing smile. "If—"

Somehow Lady must have snuck in while we were bickering. Quick as lightning she yanked the covers with all her strength then headed out the room with the covers in tow. A gasp came from Reign causing me to turn my head in her direction as she tried to cover up her gifts.

"You're as beautiful without clothes as you are with clothes." Manny replied as he gazed at my woman.

      Normally his comments piss me off but the comment about him seeing what's mind had my blood boiling. I took a pillow right from under my head and placed it over Reigns body.

"You got until I reach into my nightstand and grab my gun to leave after that you might find a bullet floating inside your head." I shot back as I began reaching into my nightstand

The little bastard ran out the room not before sending me an amused smile. Such a fucking piece of shit, why do I even associate with him. My jaw was most likely clenching do to Manny controlling my rage once again.

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