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Reign POV

My heels echoed throughout the quiet hallway as I descended down the stairs to the holding cells. Dad wanted me to personally hand Sehun over to the Howlers. He claims it's good for me to take part in a prisoner exchange so I could get an idea on how working with an enemy can be beneficial. As I headed down the lit hallway my two bodyguards followed behind me with stealth.

" house." I heard as I rounded a corner. A guard was facing Charlie as she conversed with him.

"What are you doing?" I questioned as I got closer to the pair. The guard had an unreadable expression on his face before he covered it with a stony look.

Charlie was holding onto the cell bars with all her might as she stared at me with wide green eyes. Her normally maintenance brown hair appeared greasy and it was in a complete disarray on top of her head. Her lips were chapped and peeling as she darted her tongue out to moist her ashy lips.

"Reign?" Charlie questioned with a look of relief much to my confusion. "Where is Seb? Is he ok he hasn't came to see me?"

Bash has only been in Madrid for a couple of days. They haven't made an official diagnosis for him yet. They think he might suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, something I thought only combat soldiers could get. They said they won't officially make a diagnosis until they've had more time to interact with him. I talked to him for a bit before I came down here. He enjoys the art therapy, apparently it's helping him think positive instead of negative.

I'm just happy he's finally talking with enthusiasm like he use to when we were kids. Before dad started putting him down mentally, emotionally and physically.

"Bash is safe, far enough away from you." I retorted as I instructed my guards to open the cell next to Charlie's.

"Please you have to let me see him. I need him please." Stream of tears trailed down her face as she pleaded with me through big saucer eyes.

"Don't beg, I raised you better than that." Sehun replied as my guards brought him out of the cell.

      He stood tall with a smug look on his pale face. His hooded eyes were firmly looking into mine as his pitch black hair dropped across his forehead in disarray. Dirt was placed on his his cheeks and hands. His suit jacket was off revealing his uneven buttoning, his overall appearance was disheveled. Which is unlike him.

"Whore." Sehun said in acknowledgment towards me. I simply smiled at him before stepping closer to him. I brought my knee up and slammed it right into his nut sack.

"This is how it's going to go pig," I replied as he hunched over. "You're going to be a good prisoner and shut the hell up. Do you understand me?"

I questioned with a firm grip on his hair so he could stare at me rather than the ground. His dark eyes stared at me with an unknown look before he spat out a yes.

"Let's go." I ordered the guards who yanked him upward so he could be standing rather than hunched over.

"Reign please listen to me," Charlie pleaded as we walked out. "I'll tell you why Sehun planted me and Jensen in your organization."

"You stupid bitch." Sehun spat. Since I was in front of them I was able to turn around and see the look of rage on Sehun face.

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