Twenty Four

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Reign POV

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Reign POV

Stupid, Stupid, So So Stupid. I internally screamed at myself. Why did I even bothering coming?

"So stupid." I stated out loud as I swirled the alcohol in my drink.

Apparently I was the last resort, the girls from the warehouse felt uncomfortable talking to Hope because she is too disconnected from her emotions. A vast majority of them flat out refused to talk to Charlie. I thought that was strange Charlie doesn't look unapproachable but apparently the girls didn't want to have anything to do with her. Since I'm the only other woman they know they figured I'd have more compassion.

There is also the fact that I was going to college to major in Sociology of Women. I tapped the stirring straw on the edge of my shot glass before grasping the drink and allowing it to burn my throat as it slithered its way inside my body. I know drinking alcohol will only numb my pain, so I decided only one shot wouldn't hurt.

"What did I just tell you?" An unfamiliar voice questioned.

      Although his voice was unfamiliar it reminded me of Jensen. I could picture his eyes darkening in anger at something I said or did. I could picture the blank stare in his eyes as he lay on the hallway ground...dead.

    Dead, he's dead, he died right in front of me. I can hear the cracking followed by the echo. The life fades out of his eyes as he drops to the ground. The vibration in my pocket startles me out of my flashback.

"This is Reign." I answered.

"Where are you? Sokolov told the front desk to give you the key to the top floor."

"I'm coming, I'm coming." I mumble as I leave my nice comfy chair and make my way to the front desk.



    The clinking of my boots echoed on the floor as I stepped out of the elevator. A vulgar word slipped pass my lips as I noticed Axel pacing back and forth as he talked on the phone. He was decked out in all black, black made him look divine. He could pull off anything, the color black stirred emotions in me I was trying to hide from.

     I have two options, I can get back in the elevator and hide out at the bar or I could walk straight pass him. I'm not strong enough to deal with him right now, I'll cave and right now I can't afford to cave into a pile of mush. The elevator option is logical, I can successfully avoid him while keeping my semi-strength in tact. Right when I was about to press the button to get back in the elevator my phone went off.

     Of course the one time I forget to turn my ringer off someone actually calls me. Quickly I glanced at my phone in my hand and pressed the decline button.  Unfortunately I saw who was calling Jaebum Li also known as Jensen's dad. He has been calling me non-stop for the past couple days. I know ducking his calls will only make matters worst, but what am I suppose to say to him.

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