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Groaning loudly, I gently placed my head down on the table. It was currently one in the morning, we all had got completely trashed before passing out around six o clock. After Hope statement about getting drunk we all complied and I got to say that was the most fun I had in months. We played this weird trivia game, at first I was confused but after a couple failed attempts I got ahold of it.

If you answered a trivia question correct you get to choose between beer or electric lemonade, which consist of vodka, blue curacao and lemons. If you guess wrong you had to drink straight vodka, one shot of straight vodka is alright, but six? We setup different stations in his living room, after moving the couches and coffee table. After setting up the destinations the game started and I'm really regretting it.

Not only did we play that game but we played Spades, the losers had to split the half of bottle of vodka. Thankfully I didn't lose, because I'm a lightweight my mind was practically gone once we started playing Spades lucky for me my partner-Axel-carried our team on his back-not literally of course-. I was trying with all my might to block out the obnoxious noise coming from my tablemates, who all had a high tolerance to alcohol.

Don't get me wrong they all were drunk after we got finished playing the games, and as soon as we woke up they popped some Advil in their mouths before demanding we all go to IHop. I'm not a fan of pain pills I'm all for getting through the pain without possibly damaging my organs. At this moment I would do just about anything to get rid of this headache, not to mention the fact that the lights in this diner was blinding me.

Another groan slipped pass my mouth. "I'm never drinking again."

The group laughed at my discomfort, I could really use a pair of sunglasses right about now.

"You're the one who came up with Drink of Spades." Axel replied after his laughter died down.

Of course, because I'm so mature, I mocked him.

"Real mature." Manny spoke.

"I thought we established I am not mature." I retorted as I squinted my eyes in an attempt to get use to the viscous lights.

"I thought we established I am not mature." This time Manny mocked me, which only caused me to mock him for mocking me.

"Oh will you two cut it out," Hope scowled as she rolled her dark eyes. "I feel like I'm babysitting toddlers."

"If I'm a toddler," Manny replied as he swung his arm across her shoulders which was simple considering we were sitting in a booth. "You're a toddler."

"Zip it Emmanuel." Hope said.

"I hate when you call me by my given name."

           My eyes were slowly adjusting to the brightness of the diner, but the headache? Nothing was going to cure that—well—my food might if I can ever get it. Like seriously, What is taking them so long? We're the only people in this IHop. Our order wasn't even huge...

We just ordered two breakfast samplers, Belgian waffles combo, and the smokehouse combo. Ok maybe our order wasn't small per say but still, my stomach started making grumbling noises much to my discomfort.

"And the monster has arrived." Axel said after he swung his arm over my shoulder and pulled me closer to him.

I slapped his abdomen. "Go to hell."

"Catch phrase of the year." Manny yells into the mildly noisy restaurant.

Apparently I was so drunk anytime someone said anything to me my reply would be to tell them to go to hell. My phone started buzzing in my pocket causing me to pull it out the jeans I wore the day Axel picked me up on his motorcycle. That reminds me I need to pick up my car, I swear if it has been towed—

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