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Reign POV

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Reign POV

"What is her problem? If anything I should be going off on her not the other way around!" I vented to Bash as he dragged me pass our section towards a door that said Authorized Access Only. "Where are we going?"

"Charlie want—"

"Bash you're not suppose to be talking to her, Do you think dad was playing when he said he would kill her?" I removed my arm from his grasp and placed my hands on each side of my velvet dress.

"I know I just, Reign I have to see her." His sharp teal eyes pleaded with me to understand.

"We don't know who we can trust, no doubt dad has one of the guards he sent with us watching our every move." I sighed as swept my eyes across the backstage area.

The cooks and caters were moving at a fast pace as they scattered across the kitchen to hurry and grab what they needed.

"Reign it'll only be for a minute."

"Look If you want to risk her life that's up to you."

"Sebastian?" Charlie questioned. Bash turned around giving me a view of Charlie.

She was wearing a black dress that was split between her chest and stopped just above her belly button. There was lace on the leg part of her dress giving the beautiful night dress a sensational look. Her chocolate colored hair was slicked back. The dark lipstick on her face turned upward as she smiled at Bash.

It was like the both of them were stuck in a trance, they were no longer aware of the presence of others around them as Charlie gripped both sides of her dress. She strutted across the tile floor and into Bash awaiting arms. They acted as if they hadn't seen each other in months when in reality it has been merely four days. Charlie had left four days ago, Bash wouldn't tell dad and I where she went.

This contributed to dad growing frustration and raging anger. I on the other hand just observed his body language and clearly was lying to dad but I remained silent wanting to not add to dad growing suspicion. They pulled away from each other and kissed which had me scrunching my face and looking anywhere but at them.

After they got done sucking faces, Charlie grabbed a hold of his hand and started pulling him to an unknown destination. I debated on whether or not to follow them for all I know she could be trying to have sex and that is something I'm not interested in hearing or seeing.

"Are you coming?" Bash said as soon as they were halfway across the crowded kitchen. Charlie face scrunched up as he halted them so he could converse with me. Why do women seem to have a problem with me? First Hope now Charlie you would think I was the two faced traitor instead of the other way around.

I grabbed a hold of my velvet dress so it wouldn't land in the recently dropped water so I could follow behind them as they proceeded on their journey.

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