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Axel POV

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Axel POV

Manny cleared his throat as he peered up at me. "It's hard to believe because she looks and acts so innocent but it says clear as day Reign Morrow."

Manny eyes looked directly behind me, while I hung my head down debating on what to do. I didn't want to believe the picture, but how could I overlook the evidence that yes she is a Morrow. Silence fell amongst Manny and I my anger from this morning was starting to have an uprising. My muscles tensed up as I felt the ring beginning to move, I signaled for Manny to escort Reign outside of the ring.

My phone vibrated in my pocket dragging me out of my rage.

"Gunnar? Dark Howlers Vice President?" Reign questioned from behind me.

"Manny." I warned.

I couldn't look at her right now, she was putting up a fight behind me. I rubbed my chin and released a big sigh as I climbed out of the ring. Maverick was right I allowed myself to feel weakness. My weakness for her has gotten me in this problem, I have to decide if I'm going to tell Maverick that I have a—personal—connection with Sebastian Morrow sister. I can only imagine the horrid things he would do to her before ending her life.

Her only chance to live would be if she told me, what I need to know. The mole has literally been right in my face—in my house—laughing with me, at me. I could feel the monster within me battling with the good part of me. The part of me that cares for Reign Morrow, showing her mercy would make me and my club look weak. Kill her, kill her in the most heinous way Maverick would yell at me if he was present. He would want me to extract revenge on the Morrow family for what they did to his kid.

I rest both hands on the door frames in front of the closed door. Blanking my face I headed inside of the room. Manny was finishing tapping her hand to the chair, she continually plead with him. He deadpanned her pleads before standing up and signaling to me to go ahead. Her intriguing brown eyes looked up at me with confusion and uncertainty. I felt a slight pain in my chest at the looked displayed on her face.

For a brief moment I thought about throwing away my loyalty and allowing her to leave without interrogating her for the truth. But I couldn't and I wouldn't because weakness has no place in the Dark Howlers. She'll be treated like an enemy she probably already knows too much about us. Keeping my eyes fixated on her I advanced with my face devoid of any emotion. It's a good thing her friend went home early otherwise an innocent would have to be killed.

"I swear I didn't know." She replied with wide eyes as I crouched down to her level.

"Didn't know what?" I replied with fake ignorance.

"I didn't know you're the Vice President of Dark Howlers," She replied as she shook her head venomously. "I swear, I just put the pieces together."

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