Twenty Two

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Axel POV

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Axel POV

     I guess I deserve this. I hurt her, I hurt Reign. See in order for the Sons to release Hope I had to exchange myself. The weirdest part is they didn't seem interested in beating me for information. Sure they took pleasure in tormenting me with ends of cigarettes or reopening the scars on my back with whips but nothing of true seriousness. If I had an enemy within my grasp lets just say they wouldn't walk away with majority of their limbs attached, if I allowed them to live. Lorenzo must have been the lead when it came to dealing with enemies because Sebastian is weak.

      The chains on my wrist were causing me more pain than the reopened wounds and the burn marks. I specifically told Hope to inform Nathaniel and Manny of my whereabouts. In order for me to get Sebastian help in locating the women in Lorenzo trafficking ring, I'm going to need to handle this situation. Maverick is too much of a hothead not to mention he would never work with a Morrow. He has been giving me majority of the workload, he said he's ready to step down and he wants to make sure I can successfully take care of Dark Howlers.

     When a loud slam echoed throughout the basement, I slowly turned searching for the person whom just entered the room. Loud footsteps marched down the narrow hallway, do to the dimly lit basement I was unable to see the person face until he was closer. Deadly cold grey eyes stared at me, the jagged scar on his face was slightly raised as he scowled. His dark hair was swept back and one hand was stuck in his black tuxedo bottoms.

"Gunnar." Nathaniel spoke.

"Did you find out where they are hiding the girls?" I spoke in a low tone in order to be positive that no one could make out the words coming out of my mouth.

        He simply nodded, Nathaniel doesn't speak much he was forced into being an introvert in his youth years. His mother died during childbirth and his father couldn't look at him without thinking about his mother. This left him alone with Mikah Dobrow an old friend of his father, Nathaniel doesn't like to talk about what Mikah did to him and who can blame him?

"I assume you got the message about the younger Morrow?" He stated as he glanced behind him before looking back in my direction.

"Yeah," I sighed as I readjusted the chains. "It's just you, Hope and Manny who know about my whereabouts, correct?"

     He nodded once again, I could tell by the look on his face he didn't think this was a good idea but he was going to go along with it out of loyalty. He tossed an object in the air, good thing the object wasn't thrown to high otherwise I would've completely missed it. When I looked at the object I realized it was a key.

"Did you swipe the key off one of Sebastian men?"

"No, Morrow gave me the key we think we found the location of the women."

"You think or you know?"

"I think," He repeated with an unflinching gaze. Nate has no problem displaying his honesty as he shrugs and places his other hand in his pocket. "It could be a trap, it could be the real location either way Morrow wants me to assemble a couple of my men so we can prove if its authentic."

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