Chapter 1

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 Hi people I don't know (:  I wanted to say thank you to my fans for all the support. I hope you enjoy this story. Please read and COMMENT and VOTE or whatever else you feel like doing. I promise it gets better as you read on! thank you!

This is a COMPLETED novel. I am currently in the process of editing it and doing minor tweaks. 

And now: 

TRUSTING LOGAN                                        

"Amber! Hurry up!"  My older brother Josh screams from a distance as I walk to his black SUV that is currently parked in the Pacific High School  parking lot.

“I'm coming. Jeez Josh." I say as I try to push past people who are running to get to their own cars. As I am walking, I am pushed to the ground by someone. People really need to calm down. I look up to see my assailant and see that it is just Logan Clifton, my brother’s best friend. Ugh. He can be such a butt-head sometimes. I have known Logan, since I was basically born and as you can probably tell I am not Logan's biggest fan. He with his tousled black bed hair, deep blue eyes, and toned tanned physique is apart of the socially fortunate crowd or popular crowd, just like my brother. They basically are total players and complete jerks to everyone who isn't in the in crowd. I would like to say I am completely above high school social circles and drama but I am associated with a few of those kinds of people, you know the ones that are nice to your face but talk crap behind you back, but that is only because I am a Josh's little sister and I am a cheerleader.

"Whoa...Amby. What are you doing on the ground?" Logan says looking at me like a grew a third eye. He is such an oblivious idiot. 

"Oh you know just thought I would hang out on the ground cause it is so comfortable." I say sarcastically as I get up and walk into the car. He shrugs his shoulders, climbs into the front seat and otherwise ignores my comment. Sighing, I drop my backpack on the space next to me.

When we finally reach home, I climb out of the car and make my way to my room. I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling while I contemplate needing to repaint my room a less offensive color. My room is painted a bright pink, you know the type that makes your eyes hurt if you stare at it to long. My mom thought it was a darling color and decided to surprise me by painting my room with it. Surprise.

My mom makes me do lots of things I don't really want to, like cheerleading. I don’t really like being a cheerleader because despite being decent enough, peppy really is just not my style or idea of fun. I do it for my mom's benefit because that is the only time I have ever seen her truly happy. I may not love cheerleading but I do love my mom so I soldier through it. 

I am more interested in art. My parents don't actually know that about me. Actually, now that I think about it, nobody really knows. But if I was completely honest, I think I like that nobody knows about it. It is like my own personal version of teen rebellion. 

At school everyone knows me as either a good girl, not that I mind being called a good girl, or Josh’s little sister. At home I am the perfect daughter of the Thorn Family. You could say I am the black sheep of the family because I am the complete opposite of my older siblings. Josh loves to party and break rules and when Rebecca lived here she was the same. I personally took a more strict approach to my siblings rules are request motto of life.

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