Chapter 6

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"Look Logan, I am really not in the mood. Could you please just leave me alone for once in my life when I feel like crap and not make me feel worse?"  

"Amby can you for once in your entire life shut up."  


"shut up Amby." I felt his hands leave my waist for a second before I felt them putting something around my neck."This was my mom's. She always loved you ever since we where little and I thought that you should have this. Happy birthday." I knew exactly what it was, a heart locket with a picture of Logan's great-great-great-grandmother. I felt tears streaming down my cheeks. Mrs. Clifton was like a mom to me. She had died of breast cancer earlier this year. This was the first time I had ever heard Logan ever refer to her. He usually seemed like it didn't affect him but I knew better than that. I knew how close they where. Logan only had his mom, his dad was never around. He was filthy rich and had numerous affairs. He finally came back when he heard about Mrs. Clifton's cancer. They had rekindled there love but Logan wasn't as forgiving .  

"omg..Logan th-thank y-you so much, but I c-can't take this. It was your moms you should keep it or give it to someone special who means the world to you not just your best friends kid sister."  

"no I want you to have it. My mom thought of you as a daughter and it has been in her family for years she would want you to have it." I turned around to face Logan and for the first time in my entire life I saw Logan cry. He hadn't even cried at the funeral when Mrs. Clifton's lifeless body laid in its casket. I gave Logan a hug wanting him to not cry. It just seemed wrong. He never cried. He was always light-hearted and flirty. I stood there just hugging him for a long time, not knowing what to say exactly. He cried for a while and then started shaking. At first I thought he was crying harder then I realized he was laughing. "wow Ambs finally learn how to shut up." I sighed, relieved.  

"shut up... slut."  

"theres my Amby...haha" I felt my heart speed up as he said MY Amby.  

"yeah...maybe we should go down my mom will freak out if I don't come down soon." I started to walk towards the door but he put his hands around my waist holding me back.  

"Ambs...I think your forgetting something important like clothes. Although, I do like the look your going for, I am not sure your parents will appreciate it." I blush tomato red as I realize I am standing in my bra and a thong in front of Logan.  

"well maybe you should stop walking into my room when im practically naked."  

"I should, but what fun would life be if I followed all the rules."  

"It would be easier and less painful."  

"easier maybe but painful?" As he says the word I punch him as hardly as I can on his stomach.  

"Yes, less painful." I say smiling evilly.  

"For someone tiny you are awfully strong." He says as I put my dress on and fix myself up so my eyes aren't as red. Logan almost made me forget about my parents forgetting about me. I never thought Logan would be the guy to comfort me but he seems to be the one who is always around when I am down. I so need to stop being a damsel in distress, because I really don't trust Logan with my heart. He is a hopeless flirt and if he keeps being nice it will be a flashback of cheer camp.


Josh finally gets us to school after picking up Logan, and Jennifer. I seriously don't get Logan. He can be the sweetest guy ever and get any girl he could want and he chooses Jennifer. Speaking of which she keeps looking at me and smiling evilly.  

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