Chapter 10

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summary of part 9:

Josh is chilling at a friends place which leaves Logan and Amber alone in the house together for a whole night. No they didn't do anything. Sorry. The next morning Logan wakes Amber up and tells her to get ready. She is trying to sleep so Logan carries her into the bathroom and now you can read but don't for get to VOTE and COMMENT


Thirty minutes later I am dressed in a pair of jeans, flip flops and a white v-neck. Okay so I am trying to avoid yesterdays fashion no-no. I look around my room to find my cheer bag. Not finding, it I run into Josh's room. I stop dead in my tracks when I see Logan in nothing but a towel with his chest and hair still wet. I stand there starring at his perfect chest. I mean I have seen Logan naked before I did turn of the hot water on my birthday so he and Jennifer would get out of my shower and but somehow this was different maybe because he was not the one embarrassed, I was. I knew I was going to regret starring but I could not unglue my eyes away from his perfect body for the life of me. Water dripped down his perfect eight pack and as I starred at his body, I heard him clear his throat.

"Ambs if you are done, I would like to put on some pants." He said with a smirk.

"Oh...erm...right...sorry." I said more than a little flushed. I said the words but still stood there starring. Next thing I knew Logan was standing in front of me.

"Amber" he whispered into my ear, then kissing the soft spot under my ear. I bite my lip trying to hold back a moan. "Take a picture it will last longer!" I stare at him feeling like a total idiot.

"I don't want a picture." Yes I do.

"Yes, you do."

"No, I don't and I am only in here for my cheer bag. I can't find it."

"It's right on the bed." I flush and pick it up not daring to glance at him again. I could hear the smirk in his voice when he was talking, no need to see it as well. Walking down the stairs and running to the kitchen I grab a huge cup of coffee. If I am going to be expected to stay awake and peppy for the game then I am going to need caffeine. As I drink the coffee Logan walks in smirking, which means one thing he will never let this go. He walks up to me, his eyes have dark circles around them so I hand him my coffee. He smiles and drinks almost all of it. I grab some more and walk to the car. This should be an interesting car ride.

On the way to school I turn on the radio and listen to "In My Head" by Jason Derulo. I sang along to every word. Logan looks at me laughing for singing off key but I didn't care I smiled a huge smile and just kept singing. I love singing even if I suck at it. When we reached school Logan just stares at me not moving from the car.

"you know you have a beautiful voice but when you sing you sound like a cat getting choked to death."

"Well I don't care. I like singing because its fun and your kind of butt head." He stares at me again this time with amusement.

"you know what? Your right singing is fun and you smile a real smile when you sing. I can't believe I am saying this at the risk of my ears ... you should sing more often." My jaw drops to the ground and I just stare at him. If I wasn't so flattered, I would be pissed after all he did say I was hurting his ears. "Ambs I know I am so hot you could eat me up but close your mouth or you'll catch a fly," he says smiling. "Come on your going to be late and I know you would die if you were late."

"so I don't like being late and getting in trouble there is nothing wrong with that."

"yeah...yeah. Come on. Do you need a ride after school or whatever?"

"yes please seeing as nobody teaches me how to drive."

"you know if you want to learn how to drive all you have to do is ask." I roll my eyes at him no way am I going to let him teach me how to drive. He would laugh at me if I crash and he would keep looking at me or worse I would be staring at him. I don't think ogling would make my driving better.

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