Chapter 29

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hi (: sorry it took me FOREVER but harry potter was coming out and I was too happy to write so I ended up reading all the books over again actually I only am halfway done with the third book but I was simultaneously reading the girl who played with fire and the evermore series.

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The music was blasting, people were dancing and laughing, and Logan was no where to be found. For a guy who is usually the life of the party, he disappears a lot. I ran through the entire house, and therefore, I bumped into and talked to a million people who I don't know that referred to me as "hey girl", or "Josh's sister". Neither of those nicknames made me feel better about myself but what is a girl suppose to do?
"Ahhh." I hear an annoying shrill come from a girl I bumped into.
"Oh I am so sorry, I didn't mean to bump into you." I say feeling horrible for making her spill her juice.
"Yeah well next time when your walking, watch where you're going." she says, walking away with her friend mumbling something about me being a loser to her friend. And they wonder why I don’t enjoy parties? I mean for goodness sakes she comes to MY house, spills cranberry juice on MY carpet and then calls ME a loser. What the fudge-cracker jacks is wrong with people?

I walk into the kitchen to try to find my brother and see him playing beer pong.

"Hi Joshie." I say to him.

"Hey. What's up?"He says with a semi-goofy smile.
"Nothing. Have you seen Logan?"
"Nope. I haven't seen him in an hour, last I saw he was with some girl."Josh say clearly not caring that his little sister's boyfriend was with another girl. I know most girls would be worried at this point, but I am not. I guess I trust Logan enough not to cheat on me at a party at my house.

I walk upstairs deciding I could careless, when I see the lights on in my room. I walk into it to find Logan sitting on the bed and a girl under the covers. Well that’s not promising.
"Hey." I say.
"Hey. Enjoying the party?"
"Nah. My boyfriend throws a party with my brother that is supposed to be EPIC and then disappears."
"Sorry, but I was taking care of this little Missy." He says pointing to the girl in my bed.
"Aww…How sweet. NOT. Who is she and why is she in my bed?"
"Relax its Emily."He says rolling his eyes at me. Leave it to Josh not to know it is Emily.
"Oh." I say getting up to look at a Emily who is clearly sick. Her face looks all pale and sweaty. "Should we do something for her?"
"Not much we can do. She has to sleep it off so all we can do is make sure she doesn't pass out in her sleep."

"Oh okay. I can watch her, you go."
"No, what are you going to do?"
"Stay here. I don’t like parties and you love them, so go have fun. Plus if I am up here nobody will miss me, but an entire group of half drunk idiots will be missing you."
"I would miss you." He says rubbing my knee.
"Oh stop. You would not. You would be having to much fun."
"Do you really think that? What am I suppose to do with myself when all those people are dancing and having fun? Do you expect me to dance with some random girl who is expecting an easy lay at the end of the night?"
"Nooooo. I don't know. Just go have fun and try to not be a man-whore. I am sure you have at least been to one party where you didn’t get in bed with a random girl. "

"I can have fun with you." Logan says . In response to his statement I give him a lazy smile and a roll of my eyes. He smiles hugely and lifts me on top of him so that I am straddling him.
"Mmmm." I moan in response to him nibbling the sensitive spot under my ear.
"Guys...just cause I am semi-sick…it doesn't mean my senses have all failed on me." Emily says after a while. I jump of Logan in shock but he only laughs.
"Oh sorry," I say with my cheeks burning red. Logan just runs his thumb over my heated skin smiling.
"Yeah sure. Guys, my head hurts and so does my stomach." Emily complains.
"Do you want me to start a hot bath for you?"I say.
"Ummm…can you pwease? I am so sorry."
"Don’t fret Em. I am here for you babe." I say whilst making my way to the bathroom to turn on the hot water to fill the tub with. I, with the help of Logan, get Emily to the bathroom for a hot bath and then leave her to soak. When I come back out of the bathroom I see Logan sitting on the bed, cell phone in hand, cursing.

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