Chapter 13

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Feeling like a total idiot, I follow Logan to Josh's room to wake him up. Logan has a huge smirk on his face the whole way, while my cheeks are burning up from embarrassment. I wonder if he will actually last a month without sex. This should be interesting. Seeing him, fail would be funny although maybe he thought it was just for laughs. I guess time will tell.

I have to say after knowing Logan my entire life he still never fails to surprise me. Who knew he had ambitions? Not me for sure. I just thought of him as a typical drunk jock, who's type of girl was girl.

We finally reach Josh's room without hesitation Logan walks up to Josh and starts shaking him lightly. How sweet. When Josh does not move or make a sound, I feel my face drop a little and my eyes getting watery. Logan grabs my hand and gives it a reassuring squeeze.

"Josh...Josh." This time Josh moves when he hears Logan calling his name.


"Nothing just go back to sleep. Just checking to see that you're alive bro."



"Get out."

"Okay, but say hi to Amber first. She is flipping out."

"I am not." I say glaring at Logan.

"Amber." Josh looks up at me and smiles, but then winces when his face hurts.

"Hi Joshie. Are you okay? Do you need anything from me? How could you be such a dumb butt?"

"Amber chill out and shut it, you're making my head hurt...hey, How was your date with your BOYFRIEND?" What a butthead.

"Well for starters he is NOT my boyfriend and I take back what I said. If you need anything get it yourself butt head."

"Hahaha...whatever little sister."

"f*ck off. Come on Logan." I start pulling him out of the room. "You should have let his ungrateful butt drown under water."

"ha-ha...what happened to being terrified he would never wake up."

"went down the tube when he opened his big mouth."

"okay Ambs...whatever you say. You Thorns are a different kind of crazy."

"I think it's a part of our charm. Why else would you try saving big mouth?"

"true... You going off to bed?"

"yeah. You?"

"nah...I got to make sure your brother doesn't stop waking up." Aww. He may be a slut but at least he is a sweet slut.

"If you want you can stay in my room instead of sleeping downstairs on the couch like usually."

"why Amber Thorn are you trying to get me into bed with you?" I roll my eyes at him.

"In your dreams and you know what never mind. I am done being nice to you for one day." I say closing my room door in his face dramatically. Well actually, I tried but his very strong manly hand stopped me from closing it all the way.

"Wait Crossie. I should let you be nice to me. After all, I am tutoring you in calculus, it is the least you can do."

"whatever. Do want something to change into?"

"why? Are you offering?" I flip him off, go into my closet a grab an oversized shirt, and put it on. I think I should put on some shorts because Logan may not feel his fingers tingling and his heart beating super fast when he gets touched by me, but I do. I need extra protection and time to not uncross my legs if the chance may present itself. Not that I am hoping it will because who would want to be deflowered by a whore? Not me.

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