Chapter 9

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harry potter weekend on ABC family and I HAVE to see the previews for harry potter 7 part 1:]  long ago a boy with red hair and a fear of spiders stole my heart and I must see him.


Adam walks with me to our calculus class which unfortunately causes many girls to give me dirty looks, not that I can really blame them. Adam is undoubtedly gorgeous. I am a little freaked out about the promise I made him, but I was having a crap day and just wanted my locker to open. Now that my locker is opened and I am less irritated I realize making a promise like that was wrong. He could make me go somewhere alone with him and murder me or rape me or throw me off a cliff. Although, I could just break my promise but that just makes me feel guilty for taking advantage of him if he really was only trying to help me. I really need to learn how to judge people better. Maybe I can get Emily to meet him and figure out if he is nice or if I should be run for my life.

Someone throws something onto my desk making me jump a little in my seat until I realize it is a note from Adam. I flush a little at my craziness.

I open the note and read 'hey Amber, you okay? You seem kind of upset. -Adam'. Wow. He is such a sweet heart, I hadn't even noticed I was acting upset. I look up at an anxious Adam and give him a what I hope is a reassuring smile that says I am fine. He relaxes as he sees my smile and gives me a grin.

As class is ending the teacher announces that we are having a midterm next week. Great. I am so failing. I need to find a tutor, preferably one that isn't so cute that the only thing I can study is his face. 

The lunch bell finally rings after 4 long periods. Most of my other classes where a breeze, but extremely boring so it was a relief to be out of class even if it was only for a short break.  I walk to my lunch table with Emily who is babbling about something, all rainbows and sunshine. As I look around the lunch room I see guys staring at me. Curse this outfit. As we walk past a table a guy pinches my butt. Okay that's it. Brother has got to save me. I guide Em to Josh's area and she is way to happy to even care.

"Hey Josh." I see Logan making out with Sarah Simons, the second easiest girl on campus, but she is actually is really nice. I have cheer with her and she makes me glad I joined. Cody and Taylor are sitting on a corner then their is the rest of the football team and the cheerleaders.

"Hey Amber, whats up?" Josh asks as I walk to him. 

"erm...This outfit is causing to, so Em and I are sitting here."

"Hi Josh." Em says in a pleasant voice much to mine and my brother's surprise. It is no real secret that they don't get along. 

"Hi Emily?! Are you drunk?" Josh looks so shocked that I can't help but laugh.

"Hey Em, why are you so happy? Your freaking on cloud nine or just totally high." I finally ask deciding I should be worried when she starts to play nice with Josh. 

"You will never guess what happened! So I was sitting in Chemistry not paying attention to Mr. Benz when I get a note from....wait for it....DAVID!!! He asked me to go with him to the party at your place on Friday."

"What happened to Jason? I thought he was the love of your life or some crap like that? WAIT! THERE IS A PARTY AT MY HOUSE?!!!!!" Emily rolled her eyes at me. I know it is stupid to act surprised because my brother loves to throw parties and all but still I am so going to kill him. I turn to Josh and he gives me a big grin.

"Why act surprised? And you are totally missing the point. DAVID ASKED ME OUT!!!" Josh is still listening to the conversation and looks annoyed by Emily.

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