Chapter 2

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I sat with my head over the toilet heaving as someone held my hair back and rubbed soothing circles on my back.

Finally done I attempt to get up on my own, a little wobbly and feel someone's warm hands immediately around my waist steadying me.

My head is aching uncontrollably at this point and the music from the party only intensifying the throbbing in my head.  I can feel what I can only assume is blood slowly running down my forehead bringing my hand up to check, I see red on my fingers.

Turning around I see Logan’s blue eyes staring at me intently with concern.  

"Let go Loooogaaaan."  I mumble half-heartedly as I attempt to push him away from me. I think I have been embarrassed enough for one night and the last thing I need is Logan Clifton making me feel worse about myself.

"Now, Is that anyway to treat your savior Amby baby?" Logan says in a low husky voice that has me shivering uncontrollably. I sigh in defeat.  I may not be Logan's biggest fan but he did save me, so I drop it for a now. He takes a towel from my bathroom and cleans the cut on my head. His hands work gently and efficiently to clean the cut on my forehead. As he works I take the time to study his handsome face. His blue eyes look zoned in on my forehead, dark eyebrows furrowed in concentration and his lips are pressed together in a thin line. It is strange to see Logan so serious, cause usually he is either teasing me or being perverse.  Finally looking satisfied with his handy work he swiftly carries me bridal style back to my room before I can if scrounge up a protest and l gently lays me onto my bed.

I try to think back to how I had landed myself in my current predicament of having to depend on someone to be my hero, worse of all: having to depend on Logan.

I sat on the kitchen counter.  Josh, Logan and I were having a drinking competition after they had told me to and I quote 'Stop acting like an stuck-up, old lady, grow some balls and live a little. Life is too short to not party'.

After one too many shots I stumbled out of the kitchen and ran into someone, literally.  Very classy Amber. I feel someone hold me around the waist, steadying me. I look up to see Chase. A scorching red heat takes over my cheeks as I start fumbling with my word. "'m sorry. I-I didn't m-mean to run into you."  

He laughs it off and says "Hey Amber.... Are you drunk?" I can't help it but giggle at that. I don’t know but everything just seemed giggle worthy. I suppose I was a little bit under the influence. 

"No, no. I might be buzzing a little bit too much but i-it isn't my fault. Logan and my brother thought it would be fun to get me tipsy."  I say giggling yet again. Why was this so funny? I was never a giggler.

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