Chapter 23

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hi lovely fan, I wasn't all that happy when I wrote this so sorry.



I stood there starring at an increasingly frustrated Emily. What was I suppose to tell her? How do I even explain something of this sort to her? She is my best friend but this is just embarrassing. Would she be so open to telling me something like this?

"Amber?" She said expectantly. I stare at her for a few more seconds before sighing. Okay I can say this to her. She is my best friend she will not judge me, right?

As I open my mouth to speak a knock comes at the door. I sigh again but this time in relief as cliché as it sounds I was saved by the bell, well knock but it is the same incentive. I quickly run to answer the door before she screams at Logan to go away.

"Hey guys, can you take me to the car shop? I got to pick up my jeep."

"YES!!!!" I say way to fast. I look over my shoulder to Emily who is now looking at me like she wishes she could strangle me and at Logan like she wishes he would just drop dead.

"Ha-ha...Okay?" Logan says to me while looking from me to Emily quizzically, like he has no idea why she would be angry. I just spent the better part of the afternoon locked up in a pantry with him and he wonders why my best friend is annoyed by his presence. Boys, could you really like them any other way?

We walk behind an aggravated Emily who grabs my car keys and steps out of the house. My mom and dad actually bought me the car to learn how to drive in but I never got the chance seeing as my brother can't be bothered to teach me the pee brain he is. I walk quickly in the hopes not to have a run in with Logan. I can tell by the way his face is set (a smirk), that he is enjoying my obvious discomfort in being around him after the pantry not that I am ashamed of what I did. Well okay maybe I feel a little cheap but in the moment it was totally indescribably perfect. Well actually I could describe it but if I do my cheeks would be red and I would have a weird look on my face.

I walk to my beautiful purple baby and smile, gosh I love this car. It is a Mazda. I climb into the back because I don't want to sit next to Emily. We drive by the beach where Al's Car Shop is. When I was younger I wanted to work at Al's just because it was close to the beach and that meant I could watch the sun setting into the blue ocean. I smile at the sparkling sea. We reach the shop and Logan hops out to have a talk to the Doctor about his jeep. I sit in the back and pray Emily is too angry to open her mouth. I look at Logan asking Al a question and Al looking weirdly at the screen. Logan looks totally gorgeous standing in the blazing heat wit his black hair in a messy chaos that only he could pull of as sexy, but he looks upset by what Al is saying. Even upset Logan is hot though.

"CRAP." I hear Emily finally say as she looks at her phone.

"What's wrong Em?"

"My mom just sent me a text saying I need to get home because there is a dinner party today and I HAVE to be there. This basically means NO SLEEPOVER. "I go through all the motions of being angry and upset, but secretly I am pleased that she can't stay. It gives me time to explain or find a way to avoid bringing up the pantry ever again. " Hey can I have the car and give it back tomorrow so I can get home?"

"Yeah, sure. I will ride with Logan. Besides this car is too pretty to be stuck in my garage." I told her

"True and I know you have no problem with riding with Logan." She says as if implying something. I flush but stick my tongue out at her and get out of my baby.

When I reach where Logan is standing I here Al say," Sorry Logan, I tried it again and it is not working." I look at Logan curiously.

"Okay Al. Thanks anyway." He says bitterly. He turns around to face me and he doesn't even smile.

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