Chapter 8

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I feel myself moving towards him as well. He leans down. I can hear his breathe coming out a little roughly. He puts his hands on either side of my face. I tippy-toe up closing my eyes waiting for his lips to meet mine and then I hear a gasp. I look up, as does Adam to see my MOTHER standing on the staircase. I blush scarlet and take a step away from Adam. He does the same.

"Sorry sweetie. I am going pretend I am not here." My mom says, slowly making her way up the stairs. Uhh. Just my luck. The women sits there telling me to throw myself at guys, but then ruins the perfect moment.

"Okay, well that was a bubble burst-er." Adam nods. His eyes look regretful. I bet mine do too.

"I will see you tomorrow Amber." He says giving me a hug. I walk him out the door and then stops. I give him a questioning look, but he ignores my look and crashes his lips on mine. At first, I am totally shocked, but then realize a hot guy is making out with me after my mother walked in on us when we were almost kissing. Our lips move perfectly together. He licks my bottom lip and I deny him at first. Yeah I am a tease, but I grant him access when I hear him groan. As his tongue snakes into my mouth, I taste him. Yum. He is sweet like sugary sweet not minty. I feel his hands rubbing my back up and down. I snake my hands into his hair pulling it gently making him groan. His lips make their way down to my neck as we catch our breath. I moan as he finds that spot right under my ear, my sweet spot. I cannot take it anymore; I have to have his lips. I pull him back to me and we continue to move our lips in perfect harmony until he pulls away. I pout and he laughs.

"Sorry I had to kiss you," he says.

"I'm not sorry." He smiles hugely and I give him a grin back.

"Look, I really have to get home, even though I really don't want to." He says starring at my lips. "But I will talk to you tomorrow, okay?" I give him a grudging nod.

"See you tomorrow Adam." I wave as he walks out of the drive way and out of sight. I smile at myself. Ahh. I have to call Emily. I walk back into my house and into the living room, where my mom is sitting.

"Hey hon. Sorry about ruining the moment." I shrug my shoulders not caring. She smiles a big smile. "OH MY GOSH. He totally kissed you outside." She screams causing my brother and Logan to run into the living room from the kitchen.

"He did not." I say unconvincingly.

"Yes he did. I know what a girl looks like after she has kissed a hot guy. I mean you can't even stop smiling." I tried really hard not to smile, but I could not help myself. I would be crazy if I did not smile after a kiss like that and Adam is so sweet. He is not a perv like Chase, not a cheater like Rick and definitely not a man-whore like Logan. Speaking of Logan, he looks annoyed and I think he is glaring at me. I shrug my shoulder. What is up his butt? If he can screw Jennifer in MY house then I can kiss Adam. Whoa! Ambs you sound like a jealous girlfriend.

"Fine we kissed. Happy." My mom is jumping up and down as if she was 16 and just got kissed by a guy she was crushing on.

"Finally. I knew you would find a guy after all that stuff I got you and the hair and nail and don't forget the tanning." I roll my eyes at her. Jeez, my mother was a piece of work. She acts as if Adam would not have liked me without new clothes, new hair, and a tan. "I cannot believe you finally got your first kiss." I stare at my mom for a second, remembering my first kiss. I shiver involuntarily, hating Chase. I look up to see Logan looking at me. He looks pissed off and anxious at the same time. I put my head down avoiding his stare. I cannot not cry if I look at him. He had saved me that night even if he had left me afterwards, and for that, I will be forever grateful.

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