Trusting Logan

Trusting Logan

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At fifteen Amber Thorn has spent her entire life following the rules. 
Logan Clifton believes in having a good time. 
Can two people who are completely different be perfect together? More importantly can Amber trust Logan with her most guarded treasure, her heart? 

A story about love, family secrets and finding the bravery to be yourself in spite of others. 

This is Trusting Logan. 

Editing is currently underway. I apologize for all the grammatical errors and misspelled or just dropped words, since I posted Trusting Logan (circa 2011) I never went back to fix any of it. But I am now just at snail speed.

  • family
  • love
  • mystery
  • secrets
crimsonruthless crimsonruthless May 15, 2018
I just wanna say I still remember this from when I was 12/13. I loved it so much and I’m glad it’s still here!!
leeswlucaski leeswlucaski Jul 18, 2016
Thanks god that would never happen to me because 1.My mom would never paint my room without my permission and 2. Me and my mom have the same taste when it comes to paint color
leeswlucaski leeswlucaski Jul 18, 2016
I don't get parents like that like why would you have kids if your not gonna care for them
Halo_To_Earth Halo_To_Earth Apr 25, 2015
ladies and gentle men... here we have the perfect daughter all parents would love....  XDDD
- - Sep 15, 2014
Logan so far seems like a man-whore but you can tell it's just a mask.
catch-fire catch-fire May 22, 2014
Lol i wouldve said, "Oh, I thought you'd need some help looking for your brain."