Chapter 12

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"Fine. Go out with the dumb shit. What do I care? I can have any girl I like and they wouldn't be scared to say yes." With that, he storms out of my room. I stand there looking at his ghost. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! I don't know if I am shocked, hurt, or angry. He is a butthead. Stupid jerk first he kisses me and then tries to basically do it with me and then he tells me I am just a stupid sixteen-year-old chicken, who means nothing. I am never ever EVER going to forgive him. Uhhh. I walk over to my bed and hide in my blankets. I feel tears running down my face. I know it's stupid to be crying over Logan of all people but I can't help it. Somehow when he said that it felt worse because I don't know it was like he knew me or something. I feel stupid more than anything because I know if I hadn't of thought of Adam and just Logan have his way I would probably not be a virgin and somehow that didn't seem so bad at the time at least.

-Next Morning-

I wake up the next morning with sore eyes. I had fell asleep at around two in the morning after crying for 2 hours. I didn't go downstairs so I have no idea what happened. I get up out of bed, walk over to my bathroom, and see I look just as bad as I feel. I have red blotches on my face and major bags under my eyes. Sighing I strip and hop into the shower letting the heat of the shower comfort me. After 30 minutes, I turn off the water realizing I should probably find Emily and make sure she is alive.

When I run downstairs, I see Josh and Emily on the couch with people randomly sitting on either side of them. The sight of the two of them like that makes me laugh no matter how shitty I feel. Quickly running back up to my room, I grab my camera. Might as well have fun with this. Running back down I see they have shifted and now Emily's head is resting on Josh's shoulder and they both have smiles on their faces. Ha-ha.

Taking the lid of my camera, I take a million pictures until they both groan from the flash of the camera.

"What the f*ck?" Josh groans. "Jeez Amber what are you doing?"

"Sorry I was just taking pictures so I would never forget this moment." Josh looks confused until he realizes Emily is the one with her head on his shoulder.

"AHHHH....GROSS!" Emily screams. So much for their new friendship. "Get away from me."

"Hey you're the one resting your head on MY shoulder."

"Oh shut up. I am the one who was resting my head on slut, who probably has a disease."

"You are lucky someone as hot as me even let you come to this party."

"GUYS! Shut up my head is starting to hurt."

"Sorry Amber. Some people, Josh, just don't know when to shut up and be quiet" She says glaring at Josh and following me into the kitchen. "So where were you last night? You went up to change and then you never came down." Not sure, how to answer I just walk to the cabinet and get out a box of coco pebbles. "Well? Where you doing the dirty with Adam?"

"No. He left after you screamed for me when we where swimming."

"Oh. Sorry about that. I was a little tipsy." she said with an apologetic smile.

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