Chapter 3

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"AMBER WAKE UP." Uhmm. Why the fish does he have to scream so loud. "WAKE UP OR ELSE I WILL MAKE YOU WALK TO SCHOOL." Josh screams threateningly. I sigh. I open my eyes and see that I am wearing Logan's shirt.

I suddenly realize what happened last night wasn't a terrible nightmare. I feel more embarrassed becuase I had asked Logan to stay and he left me as soon as I closed my eyes. I am an idiot and he is a jerk. I almost get raped and he leaves me alone. But, I guess I shouldn't really have expected him to stay. It was a good party minus being raped and all. But still he did go through an awful lot of trouble to make sure I wasn't raped. I almost thought he cared for a brief second last night when our eyes met as he lay on the bed next to me and looked into my eyes. He looked concerned and nervous. Okay why do I even care? It's Logan my brothers man-whore of a best friend. I mean I had more important thing to worry about then a stupid horny idiot. Like I don't know facing Chase. What was I going to do? I mean Logan saved me once, but at school he would not be there watching out for me. I would have to face this one on my own. I had Art with Chase. It wasn't like I could avoid him. Plus he was a two faced creep who could probably charm his way into getting alone with me in the art supply closet. Why couldn't he be one of this dumb idiots that just got off watching porn in the basement of their parent's house? 

I walk out of my room grabbing my backpack. I decided to wear a black hoodie and black skinny jeans with black converse. I wonder if all this black could shield me from the evils of the world. Well I got my answer. Apparently not. I ran into Logan literally as I walked into the kitchen and he had his hand tightly around my waist holding me up. I looked into his eyes and again he had the same look in his beautiful deep blue eyes as yesterday night, concern. He was so close I could smell him and let me tell you he smelled amazing and minty fresh. I could feel his stone hard eight pack against my chest. Damn this son of a jeweller man-whore for being so freaking hot.  

"Looogan." I hear the most annoying sound of my life and immediately snap out of my oggling. I look at Logan a little flushed and he just stares back at me. I am a little shocked. I would have expected him to say something cheesy about how if I wanted him to hold me I didn't have to pretend to fall I could have just asked. Okay so he probably would have said something funnier and sounded a lot more hot saying it but the point is he was totally quiet. "Come on baby we are going to be late. I want to go to school a little early so we can finish what we started last night." Ew. Gross to the power of a million. Okay no wonder he was quiet, that stupid bottle blond bimbo Jennifer had probably slept with him last night and he was still basking in the after glow. And now she was back for round two.  

" you go to the car I need to grab something."Logan says over his shoulder still looking at me. Jennifer walks out giving me the death stare and whispering slut to me as I walked out. That little booger, at least my boobs were real. I turned for the door but Logan wrapped his hand around my waist holding me close to him. "hey Amby... you okay?"  

"Yeah. I am fine. In fact I am more than fine, I am terrific. Why wouldn't I be? Lets go before Bimbo gets lonely and decides to screw my brother."I say emotionless. He stares at me, looking a little hurt.  

"Oh-okay...I-I just wanted to make know....Chase and you...and then I..." He stuttered.  

"Aren't you smart!! Came up with that sentence all on your own or did bimbo help?" I say laughing hollowly at Logan. "I am fine Logan. It's not like anything happened and even if I wasn't whats it to you?" I say harshly.  He is such an jerk. He left me to screw Jennifer.  

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