Chapter 7

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"I know I will. But for today I am gonna be at the beach in my bikini working on my tan to pick up boys. I mean it is her last day here so really who am I to shatter her dreams of having a cheerleading, honor roll student ,hot boyfriend having daughter."  

"yeah right of course."  

"so what are you boys up to? Because the waves are pretty nice if your up for it."  

"can sorry sis got a hot date with Sarah that im hoping will turn into breakfast."  

"okay once again could have lived my entire life with out knowing that Josh. You're my brother act the part or else I will have to have Emily come over and start a conversation about my period cycle." Josh gives me a look that basically can be summed up in two words HELL NO. I laugh a little at my self. I notice Adam watching me so I look up at him raising my eyebrows. He smiles but shakes his head.

We finally reach home with Jennifer on Logan's lap for the whole trip. Listening to Logan and Jennifer make out is one of the nastiest things I have ever had to listen to. I mean Logan was not loud but Jennifer sounded like she was eating Logan. We finally reached the house I ran into it to escape Logan, Adam following closely behind me.  

"thank god."  

"you didn't enjoy Jennifer's sound affects?And here I thought they were a total turn on." he said with a laugh.  

"nope. Lets not talk about that ever again though. I can feel my lunch coming up just thinking about it."  

" you're a cheerleader."  

"yeah... unfortunately."  

" don't like being a cheerio. Thought its every girls dream."  

"not this girl's. I am only on it for my moms sake. She was a cheerleader and her mom before that it's a Thorn family tradition so I got to take part no matter what." I say smiling at Adam. Wow he is so hot. Just as I am ogling over Adam's hotness the whore himself walks up to me spanking me.  

"Uhh...Logan touch me one more time and I will make sure little Logan doesn't ever come out of his pants." I say glaring my best daggers at Logan who is blissfully starring at me like he has seen me have naked and know my weaknesses. Oh wait he has. I hate my life. He walks away pulling Jennifer along with him. Why did my brother have to be friends with such a whore?!  

"So your not a big fan of Logan."  

" wow you're a smart...what tipped you off." He gives me a cheeky smile.  

"haha. I am just overly observant. Actually I had thought you guys were you know kind of in love but in denial."  

"no...we just have a love hate relationship...hold the love, But I have known him my whole life so I am used to it by now. But boy does he know how to push my buttons." He gave me a sad knowing smile. Okay I totally am crushing. He is gorgeous and sweet and totally is not a man whore.

-later that evening-  

Mom and me had ended up going to the beach but I faked an illness before she could find me a boyfriend. I mean my mom knows how to find guys that look gorgeous but seriously talk about awkward. Having your mother find guys you can hook up with is just not normal. Moms are suppose to tell daughters to not settle, but my mom sets me up with guys who are more in love with themselves than anyone else and sometimes they have a good reason, can you spell hot, but I would like a guy to be in love with me.  

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