Chapter 5

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I finally free myself from Logan's arms and look at him. He's cheeks are pink and he has the biggest smirk on his face. He looks so hot. Uhh. AMBER YOU ARE NOT CRUSHING ON LOGAN. THAT IS GROSS. HE IS A SLUT WHO CANT KEEP HIS BOY PARTS IN HIS PANTS!  

"I told you." I stare at him knowing this is not going to go well.  

"Told me what exactly?" I say angrily crossing my arms over my chest. 

"That you love me Amby and that you have for awhile."  

"Logan you are delusional if you think I love you. Those puppy dog eyes of yours may make me  come to you for comfort on a sad day, but don't worry this will not be happening again and also I don't love you, you're a walking STD ad."  

"Well I for one think  it just scares you to know you are in love with me and I don't have any STD's." I look down not really sure if he is being Logan or if he is actually telling me the truth. No way do I love Logan and plus he is a slut.  

"Yeah that may have been true before you slept with Jennifer. We both know she is a bigger whore than even you." He looks pissed.  

"Why do you care if I slept with Jennifer if I remember correctly you are the one who called me a man-whore and then decided to go get busy with Chase and if it wasn't for me you would have been raped." I shudder at the thought of Chase almost rapping me. I feel my throat going tight and my eyes watering up. I think I am over being mad and scared and annoyed and I have officially hit sad. "aww...Amby...I am sorry. I didn't ..." I feel his arm going around my shoulder trying to comfort me.  

"look I have homework and stuff to do so I am going to go and you probably should to. Josh will be looking for you." I walk away before he can answer or try to comfort me.

I go into the house and decide to take a large sleeping pill and knock out. Today just hasn't been my day.

-several hours later-

"AMBER WAKE UP." I hear Josh calling. Wow talk about déjà vu. I hear my bedroom door opening. I sigh opening my eyes. I open my eyes and see Logan in my room. Now this would not be weird if I was wearing clothes instead of sleeping in a big shirt with no bra and a black underwear on.  

"erm... Logan what are you doing here?" He looks at me. I can feel his gaze on my chest. He is smirking like an idiot. I pull my blanket closer to me.  

"I just was making sure you're okay and I also wanted to apologize. I didn't mean to upset you. I was just being a jerk.." See this is why I hate Logan cause he says the sweetest things in the world but the entire time he is staring at my boobs instead of my face. He is stilling grinning like an idiot. I look at myself to see if I am missing something important like my butt is showing but nothing seems to be showing.  

"Oh ...erm thanks. I am fine really Logan. You can relax."  He still is grinning like an idiot. "WHAT IS SO FUNNY?"  

"I was only smiling because that is my favorite shirt. I have been looking for it for ages. But I have to say it looks a lot better on you." I flush how the hell did I end up with his shirt? Oh wait I know he gave it to me the other night after he saved me.  

"oh erm...sorry I didn't know it was yours. I just found it in my room so I threw it on." He walks up to me pretending to be totally oblivious to the fact that I am not wearing a bra.  

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