Chapter 4

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Hey!  Here is part four. Sorry it took forever and ten years.  

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Logan leans in very close to me. I can feel his cool breathe on my face. " Amby?"  

"uhhhm." I say leaning in closer to smell his sweet breath. Our lips are so close I can hardly think straight. 

Of all the things I would have thought would happen in that moment I never expected Logan's next words to be "Are you jealous of Jennifer and me?" As my face turns a million shades too red for my liking Logan stands there laughing at me. 

"No you WHORE. I am not jealous of thay BIMBO and you.  In your dreams!!!" With that I jump out of the stupid car, mentally slapping myself in the face for letting him get away with that. It's those stupid ocean blue eyes and that stupid sexy smirk. Uhh. I hear Logan getting out of the car  to follow me, but I refuse to turn around and look at him.

Once I am in the house I run up to my room, slam the door shut and walk into my closet. I walk all the way to the back of my closet to my art area and start painting a picture to vent my frustrations out. I don't really know what I am painting but I feel blue so I use a lot of shades blue, mixing it in with splashes of grey when the mood arises. I zone out on the entire world when I paint which suits me fine at the moment. I suddenly feel someones hands wrap around my waist pulling me into them. I scream at the top of my lungs. "STOP FREAKING TOUCHING ME YOU PERVERT." I then elbow my assailant in the stomach and turn around to see....Logan. He looks totally shocked but I guess getting elbowed in the stomach can do that to a guy. "Oh crap. Logan? I am so sorry. I didn't here you enter so I thought it was someone else or something."  

"Yeah. I kind of figured." He says holding his stomach. "Jeez. What did you think I was going do rape you or something?" My face drops as he finishes his sentence. I look down trying really hard not to think of Chase. " Oh. Ambs. I'm sorry. I didn't mean...well...I'm...sorry..."He says.  

I make a point to ignore that statement. "How did you know I was here?"  

"Oh. Well I figured you would come here to paint cause you where embarrassed and angry. You always come here to paint when you want to be left alone." Logan says with a shrug.  

"Yeah but how did you even know I have this room here? And I was not embarrassed and angry!"  

"Oh well I was looking for you one day and stumbled into here. You know you have a massively huge closet. It's bigger than your room. And you were embarrassed and angry because you ARE jealous."  

"YOU CAME INTO MY ROOM WITHOUT ASKING?" I say angrily.  "And yes I do realize that I have a massively big closet. Why do you think I made half of it into an art room? And another thing, I am not jealous. I could care less who you screw. You are just a little slutty man whore. "  

"Amby relax. I didn't tell your family about my discovery." Logan says with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. " And I am most certainly not little." He says now smirking at me causing me to blush. 

"Oh...uhm thank, I guess, for not telling anyone." I look at him with disbelief. He spent the last how many years making my life a living hell and all of a sudden he decides to be nice.That is just plain weird.  

"You' re welcome. So what are you painting? Why don't you tell your family? These are really good." I look to see if he is joking, apparently not. His blue eyes are calm and he looks like he sincerely cares. Why you may be wondering? Only god knows. First he saves me and then he volunteers to take me home. 

"I don't tell my family I paint because it really is not that big of a deal. It's just my way of escaping for a while and it's something that's just for me. Besides my paintings are crap." I say not really knowing why I feel compelled to answer his questions. I look up at him and see that he moved closer to me. I freeze and just kind of stare into his eyes. I can see why girls can't keep there pants on around him. Damn Logan for having eyes that make you feel like you're the only thing in the entire world. Uhh. " Uhmm....shouldn't you be going to school?" I ask with a shakey voice.

He leans in closer and wraps his arms around my waist. I can feel his cool breathe against my neck, tickling me. He smells so amazing, like a man. I can't explain it but its kind of like axe or soap but in a good way. He whispers in a low husky voice, "Are you sure you want me to leave?" My mind is screaming stay but before I can even answer the question my phone goes off. I somehow free myself of Logan and see that it's Josh.


A: Hey Joshie. What's up?  

J: Hey! How are you? The school called and said you weren't feeling well. Did Logan take you home?  

A: Yeah, Logan got me home. I just had a major head ache yeah.  

J: okay just making sure you take some medicine. I gotta go kid. There is a hot blonde coming my way.  Bye. Be good. 

A: Yeah. Bye.

-dead phone-

Leave it to my brother to be totally sweet heart one second and a total perverted gross burger the next second.  

"Josh?" I see Logan is still standing a lot closer than I should like.  

"yup. Just checking to make sure I am still alive."  

" Right. So like I was saying are you sure you want me to leave? I mean I know how much you love me. So I can stay if you like."  

"hmm...I think I would rather have someone poke needles in my eyes. Besides I think Jennifer would be sad if you weren't around to play with. Although she seemed to be doing quite well without you during second period." He stared at me looking a little hurt before cracking a huge cheesy grin.  

"How do you know I wasn't there?" Hahaha.I mean eww. Hey. If someone with a smile that cute said that anyone would be laughing.  

"Eww. Too much information. Nobody wants to hear about Bimbo and you getting all hot and sweaty...okay?" I say. |Just cause he looked cute saying it, it does not mean that I am going to tell him.  

"No seriously. Do you want me to stay Amby? I will. I promise I won't even try to get you in bed with me. Not that I ever really have to try, but still."  

"Wow cocky much. You know you can be a total man-whoring jerk at times."  

"And other times I am totally lovable...right?" He said giving me his sweet baby face grin. Aww.  

"Yeah.Something like that." He seemed surprised at my answer. Well. He wasn't the only one. Okay its official. I need to get him out of here before I do something really stupid like try to rip his clothes off of his hot perfectly sculpted 8-pack and let him have his way with me.  "Okay enough talk Logan. I think its time for you to go." I start ushering him out of my house.  

"Hey! Wait I have a surprise for you but you have to close your eyes."  

"I don't want a surprise from you thank you." I say holding the front door opened for him to exit through.  

"I won't go unless you let me give you your surprise. Now close your eyes." I sigh. Knowing if I say yes that I will regret it. "Seriously?! Come on Amby!!! it's a present. I am not asking for you to marry me or something."

"Alright let me have it." I say closing my eyes. I stand there waiting and suddenly I feel his lips on mine. OMFG. I feel Logan's soft lips against mine moving in perfect harmony. He licks my bottom lip asking for entrance. I moan in response, which only makes him pull me in closer to him. He freezes for a second as his tongue traces over mine feeling my piercing. His mouth taste minty fresh. I run my hands up his chest and around his neck. My hands make there way into his soft hair. I pull on his hair lightly deepening the kiss and he moans into my mouth. My heart is pounding at full speed like it's about to jump out of my chest. I just realized that I AM KISSING LOGAN!!!!! I run my hands down Logan's chest which makes him moan irresistibly and pull me in closer.It feels so right but I finally push him off me. "Looogaaaan."

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