Chapter 22

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hi (: Chapter 22 is here. If it is weirdly happy it is because I was super excited when I wrote drunkly happy. My writing ended up absorbing my mood. I think it is rainbows and sunshine! 

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"Amber wake up!" I hear Josh say as he shakes me awake.

"Mmm....Sleep." I mumble.

"Come on. You got to get up." Josh says in a voice I can tell is on the verge of annoyance.

"Five more minutes....please." I say.

"Sorry Amber. No can do."

"Can't I just go with Logan?" I say.

"Logan is coming with us. His cars in the shop."

"Fine I am getting up." I say squinting my eyes open. I get up to my bright pink room and see the sun blazing over a clear California sky. Today is going to be a great day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I can finally breathe now that the guilty knots in my stomach are ALMOST non-existent. I race to get dressed wearing a purple stuff, with a black vest and short black shorts. I hop down the stairs two at a time singing if it's love by Train. [A/n: Train is from San Francisco, California (: and they sang Hey, Soul Sister ]

"GOOOOOOD MORNING BOYS." I say in a super perky -you would totally believe I am a cheerleader- voice.

"Hey. What has got you all excited?" Josh says.

"Nothing my wonderful brother. I just know today is going to be great. Did you see the sky? It is a perfectly sunny California day."

"hahaha....Ambs somewhere there is a dentist looking for you to be there poster child for that shining pearl white smile you got." Logan says with a laugh.

"Why thank you." I say.

"Alright princess perky are you ready to go?" Josh says walking out of the house.

"Joshie you can try all you want to kill my buzz but today is going to be great." I say to him as he leaves. I think he flipped me off but who cares?! NOT ME.

"Come on Peachy Pie before Grumpy gets angry." I say to Logan pulling him out toward the door.

"Bumpkin, Grumpy can get angry all he wants at your perkiness but I like it." Logan says kissing my nose.

"Two complements in less than a minute. Told you today was going to be great." I say smiling. I love the sun. I am on a super buzz. Logan laughs and pulls me out of the house.

"Come on." We hop into the back seat of the car because Jennifer is coming and I rest my head on Peachy's shoulder.

"Good morning Jen." I say when Jennifer enters the car.

"Hi Amber. Are you drunk?"

"Nope. I just know today is going to be a great day." I say with a smile. She laughs but who cares?! NOT ME. When we reach school, I climb out of the car with the help of Logan as my foot is stuck from being overly excited. Even school looks good with the sun blazing over it.

"Whoa there Bumpkin you need to calm down."

"Peachy I am too excited." I say with a smile. We walk up to everyone, which includes Adam. This would usually be awkward but I am too happy. "Hi everyone. Isn't today a wonderfully sunny day?"

"Are you drunk?" Emily says.

"No Muffin. I just know today is going to be great. Did you see the sun? It's shining from horizon to horizon. "

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