Chapter 25

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RECAP: Logan cheated on Amber with Heather. Amber tells him it is okay because they where technically not together and that he is "free".


The rest of the school day went by smoothly or I guess without any brawls with Logan. I avoided him like the bubonic plague despite all his attempts to get me alone to try and explain or talk to me. His constant attempts to talk to me kind of got on my nerves and at one point I just stayed in the bathroom until he left me alone.

Now it's after school and I am feeling pretty lucky because I had let Emily borrow my car which means I get to go home with her. Avoiding a car ride with Logan would be great. I have had enough of him. I decided not to tell Emily about my heart break issues because I don't want to start a boy bashing party. I mean I hate Logan, but talking about it is not going to make me feel any better. Okay so honestly I don't hate Logan, but you get where I am getting at.

"Hey." Emily says as she gets into my car.

"Hello." I say.

"What's up?" Emily says.

"The sky." I say like the smart butt I am.

"'re hilarious...NOT." Emily says smiling at me.

We spend the rest of the car ride talking about how Drake is totally gorgeous and how much we love his music. Emily drops me off in the driveway and takes my car home because she has mother-daughter bonding date with her mom. What fun?!

As soon as I reach home I see the my brother's car is missing, which is an relief because Logan might be with him. I run up to my room and lock the door as a precautionary action just in case Logan comes home and tries to talk to me again. I blast the music and try to do some homework because I have been getting behind. Logan knocks on my door a few times but I choose to ignore him and let him suffer with the silent treatment. When I finally get annoyed with his knocks that come at 5 minute intervals I decide to take a long hot shower. I take my time in the shower letting the hot water run on my back and my fingers become wrinkled. I walk out of the shower and wrap my huge purple towe1 tightly around me because it is freezing and stumble around in my dark room looking for the closet.

I hear something moving and freak out.

"Ahhh--" My scream gets cut short by a hand coming over my mouth. I bite the hand and hear Logan curse under his breath. "Logan what the hell is your problem?" I say angrily.

"Sorry. But if you kept screaming that loudly Josh would have came up wondering what went wrong." He says rubbing his hand.

"Okay but why the freak are you in my room?" I say.

"Look Ambs. I have to explain and I know you won't listen to me unless I lock you up with me." Logan says pulling me to my bed and sitting us both down while I am still in my towel might I add. He grabs my blanket and wraps it around me so I don't freeze to death.

"Logan. I said I-" I begin to protest.

"I know what you said. I heard you alright but you have to believe me. I didn't sleep with Heather. Look I know it sounds all wrong. I was drunk and I was at a party and we did have a fight but I wouldn't do that." Logan says as he squeezes my hand that is now in his.

"Yeah but that is just it you have done that Logan, to lots of girls." I say trying to remember that he kind of cheated on me and no matter how good his skin feels against mine it doesn't forgive him.

"No actually I never cheated on anyone. And I wouldn't do that to you." I know I shouldn't believe him but something about the way he says it makes me want to believe he is sincere.

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