Chapter 31

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The next chapter, chapter 32, will be the final chapter of Trusting LoganIt will take me awhile to write the chapter cause all I have is like 6 pages but I am not done. Sorry for the long wait. It has been fun guys. (: 

-- MayMuggle [May 25, 2011]

So the guy on the right side of the screen is what I somewhat pictured Logan to be like but then I found out he was suppose to be Edward Cullen and I was like ick not Twilight again BUT SCREW IT I DONT CARE!!!!!! I PICK HIM. Boo movie ppl for not seeing he was hotter.

In the previous chapter Amber and her mom had actually talked about things so she kind of got to see a different side to her mom and tried to learn about Rebecca. Logan decided to put Amber out of her misery and show her Josh's girlfriend Lily. This chapter starts the next morning after Logan snuck into Amber's room.

I wake up alone in my bed to the sound of my mother yelling for me to come down for breakfast. I want to protest and say I would much rather sleep in but what am I suppose to say Mom, can I stay home today? Logan snuck into my room and kept me up until almost three in the morning.

After grudgingly getting out of bed to go for a shower, I step out of the tub with a towel on and find Logan sitting casually on my vanity.

Being somewhat angry I tighten my towel around myself, “Logan what are you doing in here?"

He smiles cockily, "Sorry babe but it didn't look like I would get my morning dose of Ambi Bambi since your parent's are in the kitchen."

"You spent the whole night with me. I am pretty sure you have got your morning dose."

He pulls me gently toward himself slowly kissing along my neck. "Mmm. I beg to differ."

A part of me wants to get lost in him too but a bigger part of me is freaked out that someone will walk in and ruin this moment. "Logan…"

"I thought we decided that you should stop talking when I am trying to kiss you."

"Mmm." I say letting him have one last kiss. "Really we should not be doing this. Remember yesterday when you decided you didn't want my parents knowing."

Logan cocks his head up, "I said I didn't want them to know, not that I would not try to get some alone time with you."

"Hehehe. Very smart." I say wrapping my arms around his waist and resting my head against his chest. He sighs and I can hear his calming breathing. With his hand on my back he slowly rubs my back were my skin is freed from the confinement of my towel which gives me goose-bumps.

"Okay Ambs, I got to go." Logan says giving me a kiss on the cheek and sliding out of the bathroom.

"Bye." Once he is gone, I proceed to change into some skinny jeans and a plain shirt. While changing into my clothes I wondered idly if my mom would ever finish her story. Yesterday night she told me a lot of stuff I never knew about but today is a new day and maybe she will regret telling me everything. Swallowing as much of my fear as possible I walk down stairs to the kitchen to see a Thorn-family breakfast in the making. Dad and mom are sitting on far end of the table drinking coffee and talking in hushed tones, while Logan and Josh are standing at the kitchen island eating eggs and drinking orange juice. As I walk into Logan's line of vision, he wracks over my body looking at it appraisingly and winks seductively. I try my hardest not to make a face but my cheeks burn red, which brings a big smile to his face.

Just as I am about to flip him off, "Amber darling good morning." my mom says.

I turn around to face her and smile at her. She looks less tired than yesterday and she even has her hair and make-up done. "Good Morning."

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