Chapter 18

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here is chapter 18. hope you like it.


It's early Saturday morning and I am sitting on the front porch waiting for Josh. He had promised that today was the day he was teaching me to drive. I have been sitting on the front steps for about half an hour and my butt is completely frozen. I have to say I am a little happy that Josh decided to teach me since Logan and I never did get to go. I can't say I am sad though. The last car ride was awkward enough to make me feel better for not having to sit in a car with him. The next day when I met Emily at school I sat on her for forcing me to endure that trip. She seemed disappointed that Logan and I had yet to talk to each other again. She has since for the last week been trying to get us in a room alone together, but somehow we always find a way to avoid it. Like last Thursday, she tried to get us all to hang out and then conveniently forgot she promised her mom to go shopping with her. I am starting to regret having such a big mouth.

I sit on the porch and look around when I hear the front door open, knowing it's not Josh I decide to ignore it. Logan walks past me and then turns around with a smirk on his face and says, "Are you coming?" then throwing me the car keys to his black jeep. I just stare at him. I CANNOT LEARN HOW TO DRIVE WITH LOGAN.

"Where is Josh?" I say trying to hide the worry in my voice and hopping into the front seat of his jeep. This should be interesting.

"Worried Ambs?" He says. It is weird to have him referring to ME again. I just look straight ahead biting my lips deciding not to answer his questions. I look up at Logan asking if I should start with my eyes instead of speaking. He looks at me and flickers his hand toward the open road. I turn on the car and start pulling out.

After driving for about a half an hour with Logan occasionally giving me directions I can't handle the silence anymore. It is making me even more nervous.

"So...why are you teaching me?" I say honestly curious. We haven't spoken in almost a month, then today he calls me Ambs with his smirking face like nothing changed, and the last month was my imagination.

"Josh was busy."

"No, I mean I knew he was busy or flaking, but he asked you to teach me awhile back and you just ignored him. So why teach me now? You could have just said you where busy?" He doesn't respond at first, but I can feel his gaze on my face. I feel my heartbeat speeding up and my cheeks flushing. I know without looking at him that he is smirking that sexy smirk with his perfect kissable lips.

"Hey, turn left here and then right." I just follow his directions deciding not to question him. I continue to follow his directions until I am parked in front of his house. I haven't been here in years. It looks the same. A big yellow house with a white picket fence. I smile at memories of this house where I practically was raised by Mrs. Clifton. I look at the tire swing that Josh, Logan, Rebecca, and I used to ride. I stare at it and out of instinct run up to the swing and start riding it. I start laughing and smiling its so much fun. Logan is staring at me will a huge smile on his face. I smile back and continue swinging until I notice Logan is no longer outside. I jump off the swing and run into his house. I look in the kitchen and see it is empty. I walk in the living room and see the same emptiness. So I walk up stairs and stop in front of Logan's door. What to do? What to do? I stand there debating for a few seconds until I decide that I should stop acting like an 11-year-old girl crushing on a boy and just walk in. Wait crushing on a boy?! I am not crushing on Logan. No matter what everyone says.

"Hey." I say as I walk into Logan's room. It is painted plain white with black bed sheets. The walls are plain with not posters or anything clustering it like people usually have. The room over all looks cluttered because there are boxes everywhere and clothes all around the room. The room smells amazing despite it's being a clustery mess. It smells like Logan, sweet and clean. I stand awkwardly by the door, not sure what to do.

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