Chapter 14

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no logan pov ): Sorry I actually wrote one and then hated it so much, that I deleted it.

but i think you guys might like the ending even if i suck at describing. use your imagination (:

I wake up in the morning to the sun shining on my face. I knew I should have closed the dang shades last night. When I open my eyes I am alone, although I am not surprised Logan is not next to me, I cannot say I am not disappointed. He was so warm and hid me from the sunlight. Now the sun is in my face and I am cold. I walk into my bathroom brushing my teeth and hair, and then run downstairs where I am sure I can smell pancakes being made.

When I reach the kitchen, I see Logan in the kitchen with bed hair and bright blue eyes, hot.

"Morning. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, yes I did. How about you?" Logan has bags under his eyes, which make me feel bad for not waking up for my brother.

"I would have slept a lot better if I didn't have to wake up your brother every half hour."

"I'm sorry. I should have volunteered to stay up and wake him. Where is he anyway?"

"nah. It is okay Ambs. Plus you aren't exactly a light sleeper so, you wouldn't have even woken up for the alarm. Josh is in the living room eating all the pancakes I made." I am not that heavy of a sleeper. I knew there where pancakes.

"I am not that heavy of a sleeper....yum pancakes."

"There are some on the kitchen table. I even put chocolate chips in yours." Hot and sweet. I think I will keep him.

"You did?!" I jump up and down and then run to Logan and give him a hug and a sloppy kiss on the cheek. I blush realizing what I just did. Just cause I have made out with him doesn't mean I should kiss him on the cheek, especially for chocolate chip pancakes.

"If you had told me I get a hug and a kiss for making you chocolate chip pancakes, I would have made some sooner." He says with a smirk on his face. Clearly, he is enjoying my discomfort.

"Oh don't flatter yourself. I would have kissed a frog for chocolate and pancakes."

"Well the frog did turn into prince charming after a kiss from his princess."

"Yeah. Whatever." I say rolling my eyes at him and taking a huge pile of pancakes. "Are you eating soon? I can't guarantee that I will leave you any if you don't hurry up and come."

"I am coming just let me clean this mess."

"Leave it. I will do it." I hate having to save food for people. I rather they eat it first so then I can eat everything without having to think about how much to leave.


We come in the living room and see Josh eating pancakes and watching cartoons.

"Hi Joshie. How is the head?" I say eyeing his bandaged head.

"Morning. My head is fine. Relax."

"And again I say you should have left his ungrateful *ss drown." Josh gives me a smile and a hug.

"Aww." Logan says. I take a couch cushion and hit him on the face with it.

"Shut it."

Monday mornings are the worst days EVER. "AMBER!" Remind me to kill my brother for screaming my name so early in the morning. It is freaking 6 am. Why is he waking me up an hour early? I hear Josh walk into my room. I bundle myself into the blanket tight and snuggle into them. "Amber? Wake up. I got to get to school early for a project."

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