Chapter 17

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super fast but short. I thought I would put you out of your misery.


I know you guys love Ambs and Logan so just wait with me please. The next chapters will be better. I swear. They might just end up together. FINALLY(:

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"I- that's all you have to say for yourself. Like Oh my gosh....oh my gosh...oh my gosh. I cannot believe you did not tell me. I mean I am your BEST FRIEND remember. Like no juicy details. All this time. What the heck? Why haven't you said anything? WELL?" I say mimicking Em but being nicer.

"I slept with ...I slept with..." She says looking nervous.

"you said that." I say to her with annoyance.

"I slept with N-"

"N-...." I say with my heart pounding.

"NO ONE." She said cracking up because my face was probably like Oh MY FREAKING GOSH.

"Hahaha....not funny." I say sticking out my tongue.

"I would have said something if I wasn't a virgin. Unlike SOMEBODY, I would tell my best friend if I slept with someone!!!!!!! Or when I have constant make out scenes with a HOTTIE."

"you gave me a heart attack." I say somewhat angry and amused.

" You and Logan. I think it precious."

"There is no me and Logan. There is a Me and then there is a Logan. We are a me and a him, NOT an us."

"But to get to a me and him you have to be a we, so HA."

" won this battle with your tricky word games BUT the war will be my victory." I say making her laugh. We are weird but we get each other so it works. [a/n: if you don't get it, you never will BUT that's okay (: ]

"You know its okay to like Logan, right?" What happened to us always laughing at Logan and Josh for being whores and rolling our eyes at girls for wanting them so bad. I miss those times. It was so much less complicated.

"I have a boyfriend and Logan is a whore."

"Yeah, but it's not cheating to like someone else and he maybe a whore but he is also nice and didn't you say you made a deal with him about no sex for a month." Implying his whorish business is not in operation. Even though that's true, I don't think he actually is going along with the bet. We haven't spoken in like two weeks.

"yeah, but -"

"Face it you like him. You heart skips a extra beat for Logan." She says making a heart with her hands and giving one of those goofy love struck faces.

"Okay, you're done. Now, excuse me but I am going down to get some ice scream." I say walking out of my room so Emily will stop talking.

"Hey, wait up. I need to go home so I am coming. My mom called like a million times. The woman needs to get a life." We run down the stairs and into the living room and see, my brother is not here, but Logan is sitting on the couch lazily watching TV. "Logan darling can you please please please give me a ride home?" Emily says sweetly.

"Sure Em. For you anything." I feel like he is about to turn to me and say 'and for you bob-kiss'. But he isn't obviously cause that would mean he would have to look at me.

"Great." Logan gets up grabbing his blanket and walk towards the door with Em and me trailing behind. When we reach the door, Em and Logan leave with me watching. "Amber! Come on." She says with a smile creeping onto her face. "I have to give you back you notes for English." I don't have notes for English. We don't even have the same teacher. Confused I give her a what the f*ck face. She gives me her sly secret agent smile. Yes, we have sly secret agent smiles!

"Give them to me tomorrow." Knowing she is up to no good.

"No! I will forget." She says dragging me with her into the car. Logan sees me climb in the back with Em but says nothing. I can tell he is wondering why I am in the car with him to drop Emily home at one in the morning. If I knew, I would tell him.

When we reach Em house she jumps out of the car

and goes into her house leaving the door open. I climb into the front and turn up the heat. It's so cold my teeth are chattering nonstop. After a couple of minutes, she runs back handing me 'notes'. I give her a look and she runs in the house.

On the way home, it is creepy quiet in the car. Well minus my teeth. Logan is not saying anything and neither am I. It is just awkward. We stop at a red light and I am praying to god this light turns green but no it doesn't. Someone hates me up there. After a couple of seconds, Logan starts moving. I look at him and wonder what happens, but see him handing me his blanket. I just kind of stare at him awe. He notices me dazing and just puts the places the blanket around me. I hadn't realized but I was shaking. Maybe I should say something.

"L- Logan?" He turns to me waiting for me to continue. "erm......t-thank you." I sound like an twelve-year-old girl talking to a boy for the first time. He just nods giving me a small smile, but it doesn't reach his eyes. I groan a little out of annoyance and just zone out on everything.

"Amber.....Amber....AMBS!!!" Logan says making me jump. I look up and notice we are parked outside the house.

"Now you talk." I say under my breath and start to leave when I feel Logan's warm hand pulling at my wrist. I turn around and look at his hand on my wrist. My wrist is on fire from the touch of his hand. I look up at him wondering why he isn't letting go. He just gazes into my eyes. I can feel my heart pounding and my cheeks burning, but I don't really know why. The way he looks at me is making me lightheaded. His eyes are burning with a million emotions but I cant decipher any. He just looks at me with so much intensity that all I can do his just stare back. You know I used to hate how he did this, stared at me like he knew all my secrets, but I am starting to wonder why.

"I- I just....umm...." Is all he gets out.

"You just?" I say.

"never mind." He says letting go of my hand and leaving the car. I sit there for ten more seconds, then shake my head, and get out to wrapping the blanket around me tightly. "Here" He says handing me my 'notes' and walking into the house. I hate him. Okay I don't hate him. He is so cold and emotionless. I miss the flirty Logan at least he smiled even if it was kind of gross with its pervertedness. I look down at me hands. What did Emily give me and why would she make me go home with her? I walk into the house and drop Logan's blanket back on to his couch, but not before putting my face to it and smelling Logan's sweet smell. As I walk up the stairs I open the notes and see that it is in fact English notes but on the top page is a small sticky note that says 'Thought I would let you two Love birds catch up. Nothing like a cold, road trip home to get to heat going.' I laugh rolling my eyes at the note. Oh Emily. The essence of our friendship. Too bad, she was totally wrong, but I guess you can't blame a girl for trying. No, I think I can. THE AWKWARDEST CAR RIDE EVER.

hope you liked it! even if it was super lame (: sorry it would have been too EASY.


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