Chapter Twenty Two - Dinner

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"How does Duke feel about you coming to help?" I asked Callum as we lounged around in my living room, Helena banging things around in the kitchen as she ate like a horse.

"He trusts me. But i think he secretly wants me to succeed and stop you from becoming vampire as much as i want too. Or he wants me to get killed in the process" He shrugged, jokingly.

"Why are you so against me being a vampire?" I asked him, wondering why i'd never straight out asked him that.

"Because it's not who you are, it's not what you want to become and it's not the right time or place. If you wanted to become one of them, just to spend the rest of your life with Duke, then fair enough, but to do in only to destroy others, seems a little ... wrong" He explained, staring at the ceiling.

"You would honestly let me turn to spend forever with Duke?" I asked, sitting up to look at him.

He gave a small snorted laugh "No, but i wouldn't really have a helping hand or excuse to stop it would i?"

I rolled my eyes and layed back down.

"So what if the situation was reversed?" I questioned.

"How do you mean?"

"What if i chose you and there was some magical ability to turn me into an angel so i could live forever with you, would you let me, would you be okay with it?" I challenged him.

"I wouldn't ask you to do it, i wouldn't want you to do it if it wasn't what you wanted to do. But i have a feeling you'd do it just as much as if you wanted to become a vampire, if not more" He answered.

"And what makes you think that?" I sneered.

"You'd be the perfect angel. Literally" He sighed.

It was sweet and it made me smile. I did like the thought of being an angel, i did like the idea of being something beautiful and mysterious, but he was wrong. Deep down, i didn't want to be either, i didn't want to be an angel, nor a vampire. I wanted to be me, i just wanted me to live forever the way i was, no mattter how impossible that was.

"My life has gotten so out of control these past two years" I thought out loud.

"Was it ever in control?" Callum replied, always knowing what to say.

"I guess not" I laughed "But it never involved, angels, vampires, witches, cure's, royal families, awkward love triangles, 300 year old vampires wanting to recruit me, the list goes on"

"Would you rather this drama, or that old drama? Cause it seems to me that you've found a lot more in yourself and the people you love being right where you are now" He said.

"I have, haven't i?" I mumbled. Once again, Callum always knew exactly what to say to make me feel less tired of my life and the drama involved.

"But once these people are gone, you should be okay. For awhile at least anyway" He laughed, shrugging.

"At least a couple years would be nice" I replied jokingly.

"So is he coming to dinner with us tonight?" Helena asked us as she strode into the room, munching down on a sandwich with god knows what on it.

"Dinner, with whom?" Callum asked, sitting upright.

"Kasey invited us to hang out with her and her mother Violet tonight for dinner" I told him "And no, you cannot come. You need to keep a low profile from them just in case they catch on" I added.

"What time?" Callum asked.

"Six" Helena replied.

"Fine" Callum sighed, laying back down "But i'm going to buy you a television or something while you're gone so i won't get bored and decide to come along" He added.

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