Chapter Five - Tension

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Andre came over about ten minutes later. He was happy, glad to see me and proud to have been chosen to protect me. He didn't speak much about Callum, or the Vampires, he was more focused on keeping me safe than initiating conversation.
He was a good guy, but he wasn't Duke, or Callum. I couldn't ever feel one hundred percent safe without them.

"What made you pick this town?" He asked as we sat in the living room, sipping coffee

I shrugged

He gave me a patient look, waiting for an explanation

"It's small, quiet, everyone is kind and friendly, it's seemed without drama" I told him

"It does seem nice, I might even consider moving here myself" He smirked

"Yeah it was, up until now, but there seems to be no escape for me, no matter where I hide" I told him, weakly smiling

"Sorry about your sister, I mean, I'm sorry you found out the way you did" He said, genuinely apologetic

"It's okay, I'm just glad I found out at all if anything" I said, thinking about it "What do you know about her?" My tone changed, curious

He shrugged "A few things"

"Like?" I pushed

"Well, she's.. she's a piece of work, she killed a lot of good Angels" He started, pure disdain within his voice "And I know that back in the day, she had a huge thing for your boyfriend"

"Still does apparently" I added

He looked up at me "I know that I'm supposed to hate him, but he's a good guy, he isn't like the others I've met over my time, despite what he is. And I know that he really cares about you, I can see that, I can feel it" Andrè told me, watching me with warm eyes and a small smile

"He is pretty great, but he has his flaws, much like we all do. I just can't get past some of the lies he's told me" I sighed, not yet ready to forget

"They haven't been without good reason Rosie, reasons all of us can see as being legitimate" He defended Duke casually

Maybe he was right, maybe he was wrong, it didn't really matter, I wasn't ready to understand, I needed more time, time to process.

"Callum, he is a good guy too" I revealed after a moments silence

Andre nodded "Yes, he is"

"Which makes my choice that more confusing"

"You'll know, eventually you'll figure out what your heart wants and needs. It's not just about being happy now, but what will keep you happy forever, for the rest of your life" He wisely spoke, leaning forward on his elbows

"That still doesn't make things any easier" I smiled, grateful that he was trying to help

"I know, you just need time" He winked, leaning back on the couch

"I hope so" I mumbled

"Are you working tomorrow?" Andrè asked, creating normal conversation

"Eight o'clock, but I'm not so sure now if I'll be able to make it" I shook my head

"You should go to sleep" Andrè shrugged

"Yeah I think I might" I smiled, getting up from the lounge "I'll see you tomorrow" I added before walking towards the bedroom

"And Andrè, thank you" I turned briefly before heading around the corner to my room.

"She's never going to forgive me" I mumbled, sitting in the study behind my desk, sipping whiskey

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