Chapter Sixteen - Rivalry

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"I'm going to be the one to do it, and once you've turned i'm the one going to be training you, helping you, and.." He continued, taking full advantage of it.

"I want you to take this back" He added, digging a hand into his jeans pockets before pulling something small back out in his large hands.

I watched as he held the object out towards me, the shiny silver diamond encrusted ring sat in the palm of his hand. It was our engagement ring, the one he'd proposed to me with in Paris, the one i'd left behind.

I looked back up at his face as he waited. I loved him, and i'd told Callum i'd made my choice but i wasn't sure now was the time and place for us to be engaged again, things were far too complicated.

"Shouldn't we wait until we know if i'll even live through the big battle?" I asked him, feeling even more shitty to be letting him down again.

"That's exactly the reason i'm doing it now. If either one of us don't make it, i at least want to know that one of us died while somehow tied together" He explained in a low husky voice, toying with the ring as he held it out.

He was right. I didn't want to die alone, and i didn't want him to die alone. This ring somehow bound us together, it made us one. It represented everything we'd been through and i wanted that to last until either one of us perished.

I nodded and gave him a warm smile. I held my hand out to take the ring, but he stopped me, lightly taking my hand in his to slip the ring back into place like he had the night he'd first presented it's beauty to me. For a second, we both just stared at it, back in place on my finger as it glistened in the bright sun, each diamond creating a new colour shine.

"You know i'll most likely be stronger than you right?" I finally spoke, feeling myself slightly smirk at the idea.

He sighed and i could see the slight smirk in his face too "I sure hope not"

"Why?" I asked.

"I'm more of a traditional man, i'd like to feel i'd be the one to protect you, help you take the lids off of things you can't" He smiled, the smile i'd missed so much lately. It mesmerized me, my eyes attracted to the perfect lips around his perfect teeth and i wanted nothing more than to kiss him then and there.

I watched as the lips grew wider and wider "What?" I asked, still not able to move my eyes from his lips.

"I can feel.. i can feel what you feel" He lowly spoke. I then remembered what he could do, every lust filled emotion i now felt, he could feel too. I quickly looked down at my hands in my lap as i felt my cheeks heat up.

I heard him lightly chuckle before i saw him push back the chair to move towards me. I lifted my head to see him standing beside me holding out his hand for me to take. I looked back up at him and pushed away my embarrassment before taking his hand in mine and standing up directly in front of him.

"Where are we going?" I asked knowing he'd taken my hand for a real reason.

"Out. You and i both need time to escape from this. I want to be with you like a normal couple would be together" He told me, causing my stomach to drop, my heart melting into my ribcage.

I smiled at the thought and let him pull me away.

I didn't know where we were going, i didn't really care. Eventually, we were sitting in the black Mercedes heading towards place unknown. Duke seemed pretty pleased with himself and it made me smile when i'd see his dazzling smile. Through the hour car ride, he held my hand, our fingers intertwined on the seat in between us. We didn't talk, we simply sat in silence and enjoyed the ambiance and the calm atmosphere. We were probably doing the wrong thing, after all, we had way bigger things to be out doing than running off to be together for a day.

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