Chapter Seven - Gang

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"Well, this is a strange turn of events isn't it" Andre' breathed as we sat in the study room. Darius and Duke had gone to the basement in hopes to get some kind of information out of Mary. I doubted they were going to get anything except rage from her at this point in time. After all, her long lost sister had just stabbed her in the stomach with silver.

"Look who's back so fast, told you she wouldn't last without us Jaymes" Riley's voice beamed into the room as he and Jaymi walked in, bags in hand before dumping them down beside the lounge.

"Riley. Jaymi" I smiled, jumping up and hugging them both. I missed them, badly.

"How was your little trip?" Riley asked, raising his eyebrows at me.

"How was your little trip?" I repeated, turning the question on them as i eyed their bags.

"It was great actually" Jaymi grinned, twirling on her feet.

"Mine was great too, until this point" I smiled back, rolling my eyes.

"I smell somone new, who's locked up in the basement?" Riley asked, his eyebrows furrowing as he sniffed the air like a dog.

"My sister" I said, shrugging as i returned to the lounge.

"You -"

"Yeah, i met her, found out about her, so forth" I cut Riley off, knowing they all knew about her before i even did. I wasn't mad anymore, they had my best intrests at heart.

"And how did she manage to become the de-tainee? That bitch is strong for a youngling" He continued, sitting down beside Andre'.

"Remember that little trick you showed me with the silver?" I raised my eyes at him, smirking with pride.

"Whoa there, you staked her?" Jaymi cut in, eyes wide.

I shrugged, "Well i missed her heart, so i guess it doesn't count as staking"

"You're a dick you know, she could have murdered you" Riley told me, shaking his head.

"Yeah, and all of you could kill me within a second too, but i'm not afraid of you" I shot back.

He didn't answer back, just shook his head.

"So what's supposed to be the plan from here on in?" I asked, sighing as i leaned my head back, pain pulsing from my neck.

"Ask the brothers, they seem to think they know what they're doing" Andre' shrugged.

"They aren't going to get anywhere with her, even i know that" I scoffed.

"Why not just kill her then, she obviously isn't going to be of any help, just someone in the way" Jaymi tossed up.

"I don't know" I sighed again, standing up "I'm going to go and spy"

"That's probably not a good idea" Andre' mumbled.

"Probably not" I agreed, leaving anyway.

I walked up the stairs and towards the end of the hall when Darius came speeding in front of me, smirking "Don't think so" He spoke, crossing his arms and shaking his head.

"She isn't going to give you anything" I told him, sure of it.

"We know" He smiled.

"Then -"

"Just having a bit of fun" He shrugged teasingly.

"Wasting time you mean?" I disagreed.

"Relax Rosie. Your home, your safe and that's all you need to worry about. We will take care of the rest" He said, trying to walk past me.

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