Chapter Twenty - Together

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The cake was a hit, and by the end of the day, it was gone. For the remainder of the day, all I did was hang around the boys, Helena and Mary. It hadn't taken me long to notice the undeniable chemistry lingering between Helena and Seth, the pair hitting it off immediately.
I'd learnt that Helena and Mary had met when she had been turned. She was hungry, lost and completely savage when Helena found her and cared for her like a mother would.

Helena was twenty three and had come from a full blooded family of witches, which made her extremely powerful. At first, her family taught her to hate Vampires, to harbour nothing but hatred for those that weren't like them, but over time, she grew to be different, and a few years later she met Mary.

By about midnight, Helena and I were ready for bed, eager to get our nights rest for tomorrows big adventure. Instead of bothering to go to my own bed upstairs, I wandered to Duke's room as he stay up talking to Riley and Seth about the revolution of gaming over their time.

Sighing, I curled into the sheets and inhaled the smell of comfort and home, closing my eyes, waiting for sleep to overtake me.
I was nervous about tomorrow, extremely worried that something bad was going to happen, but I couldn't let it overtake me, I couldn't let the concern eat at me, not when I needed a level head

"Nervous?" A voice from behind me spoke, startling me

"Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean to scare you" Duke softly apologized as I felt his hand on my upper arm

"What time is it?" I asked, adjusting in the darkness

"Two in the morning" He replied, brushing the hair from my face as I rubbed my eyes

"I need to sleep" I groaned, twisting my body into the sheets irritably

"Then sleep" Duke lightly chuckled as I felt him lie down beside me, his body moulding against my back, his arm over my waist as he dug his face into my neck

"I'm trying" I mumbled

"Try harder" He joked again, his breath against my faced intoxicating

"Stop it" I groaned, gently nudging him with my elbow

"Stop what?" He asked, his voice tinged with playfulness

"Talking" I mumbled again, settling my face deeper into the pillow

"Sorry" He whispered, nestling his face into my neck even more, tickling with the brush of his breath against my skin.
Sighing, I gave up and opened my eyes, spinning around to look at his face now hovering above mine

"How am I supposed to sleep when you're here causing trouble?" I shook my head, forcing back a smile

"Causing trouble? Rosalie, this is my last night with you before I can no longer sneak up on you, toy with your heart rate, give you goosebumps.. I just want to soak up what you are now before it changes" He carefully explained, his face soft and serious as he brushed a finger along my jawline

"Duke, I will be the same person" I told him in a roll of my eyes

He smiled and leaned forward to lightly kiss me. I smiled into his lips and felt my arms instictively wrap around his neck.
He pulled back slightly and stared at me intently, despite the darkness around us.

He was beautiful, I couldn't move my eyes from his as the world slowly slipped away around us. I felt my heart begin to beat eratically inside my chest as I felt every inch of his body press against me

"I love you" He whispered, his nose brushing against mine. My hands toyed with his hair, my fingers intertwining the strands as I pulled him back to my lips.
I kissed him with as much force as I could, feeling him lean into it just as eagerly. I didn't want to let go, and when I thought about it, I realised how right he was.
This would be my last night with Duke as a human, there wasn't going to be another moment like such ever again, and I wanted to make the most of it just as much as what he did.

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