Chapter One - Daints Peek

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It was probably the hardest thing I'd ever had to do, and it was probably going to be the hardest thing I'd ever have to do. I wasn't sure where I was headed, but I knew I needed to get out, and quick before Duke realised I was gone. I couldn't let him find me, I couldn't give him the opportunity to talk me into staying.
That would only deepen the hole I'd dug for myself.

I walked and walked, undecided on where I was going to go and how I was going to get there. I considered hitching a ride with a stranger, but I remembered what had happened the last time I'd gotten into a car with two seemingly normal men. I just hoped that Duke and Callum wouldn't know where I was, if I had no idea where I was.
I continued walking until I found a bus station.

The weather was cold as I dropped my hoodie over my head. The pain surging had increased through my muscles due to the walking, but I didn't have time for pain, I needed to be away from Duke, far away before I selfishly changed my mind.

I sat myself down in the small bus shelter, scanning its walls for a times sheet. The plastic cover was drenched in moisture from the cold air. I ran my finger down it and stopped on an unheard of town that seemed prominently discreet. I checked my phone and double checked the times sheet.
It was perfect.

I was going to a place called Daints Peek.
I had never heard of the place, nor had I any idea how far away it was from home. I just hoped it was far enough.
I wasn't worried about money, throughout my intense work hours, I'd earned a fair amount to keep me going until I found a new job.

I had ten minutes to kill until the bus was to arrive at four in the morning.
I wondered to what extent Duke and Callum would look for me. I tried not to imagine Duke's face when he was to discover the note, I couldn't bear the thought of his face, hurt, by me, again. Nor Callum.
This was why I was leaving in the first place, that pain, was my fault.

I bobbed my leg up and down, trying to ease my mind from the pain that began to set in.

With a town now set in my sights, I had derived a plan. I would need to find a motel, drench my body in pain killers until I was healthy again and then find a cheap apartment. I needed to find normalcy, no hesitation, no time to want to turn back.
I had no idea if the move was going to help solve my problems, hell, I didn't even know if it had the capabilities to become somewhere for me to hide out.

Minutes passed like seconds, and soon enough, the bus came chattering down the empty street until it came to a halt in front of me.
The doors flung open, letting out a breeze of warm conditioned air. I climbed aboard and handed the plump driver a five dollar bill.
He nodded at me with a round smile and handed me my change before clicking a button that slammed the doors shut again.

"Where too?" He asked, raspy and deep

"Daints Peek" I told him, confident

"Nice choice" He smiled, kind

I smiled in return and walked into the isle of the bus. I grabbed the rails for support as we began to sway with movement forward.

There were a few people among me, surprisingly; an older man at the front, sitting with his back slumped, a cane supporting him up. A younger looking woman sat in the middle, gazing out the window like she was lost in her own little world.

I reached the back of the bus and noticed a teenage boy leaned against the window, his head resting on his hand as his black leather hood hung over his face. He looked young, too young. I considered the idea of him being a runaway, but quickly brushed off judgement - I guessed that that was what I was now too.

Deciding on a safe spot, I sat along the opposite side of the boy, keeping my head low, but my attention high.

I hoped for my damaged organs sake, the bus ride would be smooth and short.
At one point I even considered taking a nap, but I knew that probably wasn't a good idea when I had no idea where I was even going

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