Chapter Twenty Three - Organization

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"I assume you have a plan?" Violet asked me as we sat in my living room.

"I assume you can just place the spell on me so that i touch them and destroy them all the while fighting?" I guessed with just as much sarcasm.

"If we are going to do this, we will need to be smart" Violet added, turning her face around from snide to serious.

"So what are you thinking?" I asked eager for a better, smarter plan.

"You will pretend to be on their side while the spell is cast. They have no idea about this spell, therefore, they won't see it coming. If you can get close enough, you can touch them, and they will burst into dust" She told me. Oh the irony.

"There's five of them, how am i supposed to kill one without the others attacking?" I questioned.

"That's the part i haven't yet thought about" She spoke. I was shocked, surprised. That's all she had thought ahead. Then again she probably hadn't though she was even going to get me on her side.

"What if we lure them out one by one?" Helena suggested.

"They'll realize why their contacts keep disappearing after each one is missing after seeing me" I told her, crumpling her idea.

"Just for the record, this would be a whole lot easier if i was a vampire" I spoke, aiming it directly at Violet as she glared at me.

"What if we immobilize them?" Helena suggested again "But you'll have to be quick with your fingers" She winked towards me.

"I've only heard of one immobilizing spell, but that requires a sacrifice" Violet told her "Know of any half bloods?" She asked.

"Half bloods?" I continued, confused as Helena held her head low.

"Half vampire, half witch" Violet answered back as my eyes widened. I knew instantly that Helena hadn't told me about that part, which was why she held her head down in shame. I thought instantly of my sister Mary.

"Yes. I do" Helena gave in, my mouth dropping.

"What are you doing Helena?" I demanded, angrily.

"Who?" Violet quickly demanded eager.

"Me" Helena spoke,  rummaging through her side bag to pull out a sack of hospital blood "This will turn me into a half blood" She told us.

"What are you doing?" I demanded from Helena again.

"Rumour has it, vampire and witch blood can turn me into both" She informed Violet, her eyes growing wild and hungry at the information.

"Who's blood is that?" Violet pushed.

"That doesn't matter. I'll be the sacrifice, you will immobilize them, Rosie will have about a minute to take them all down" She rushed out.

"Where is this coming from?" I demanded from Helena, pushing my hand against her shoulder angrily.

"This is the only chance you'll have at taking them out Rosalie, trust me, i've looked into it" She told me.

"There's gotta be something else" I rushed.

"There isn't. You up for it?" She continued, staring back to Violet who slowly nodded, her eyes somewhat sympathetic.

"No! No we aren't up for it" I yelled, standing up quickly.

"These aren't the Muppet's we are killing here Rosalie, these are deadly, angry vampires, first borns and that requires something much more intense than just a blood bond" Helena continued "If you want this to work, than this is what we have to do" She added with intended secrecy.

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