Chapter Fourteen - Recruits

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"Rosalie, what a surprise!" Gloria spoke as soon as Andre' escorted us to her familiar garden, bright with colour and fragrance.

I felt a smile crawl up to my lips as i walked towards her, Duke holding my hand beside me.

"Hello again" I said politely as she stood from her usual spot on the petite little table.

"It's been way too long darling" She spoke, that little voice sounding exactly like an angel as she lightly wrapped her arms around me in an embrace.

"Sir Duke" She nodded graciously as she pulled away from me and held out a hand in his direction.

"Gloria" Duke replied, as he lightly shook her hand.

"Take a seat my dears" She instructed, waving a hand to the spare chairs as she sat again, her hair hanging long and neatly plaited.

Duke and i sat across from her, feeling the pressure of what we were about to ask of her. It was a reach, and i had no idea how she would react, but it was worth a shot. Either way, i still had my plan, and i was going to carry it out as soon as i found time alone with Mary.

"So what brings you here?" She asked, clasping her little hands together on the table.

"Well, i've come to ask you quite the favor. I don't expect you to agree, but it's worth a try" I spoke, feeling silly.

"Go on" Gloria urged, still smiling warmly towards me.

"Have you heard of the original vampires?" I asked, knowing that she probably had.

"I've heard of them yes" She nodded.

"Apparently they know about what i am, and they aren't too pleased about it" I started, watching her expression soften "They want me to give myself in" I admitted, easing up on the whole death part.

She sighed "I had a feeling this was going to happen"

"We've decided to fight back. Turns out, i have a sister, a half vampire, half witch sister" I told her, feeling Duke's gaze on me "It took awhile but she's on our side now, we need all the help we can get"

I told her all about Pete, my sister, Daints Peek, and the originals. She listened intently, focusing completely on what i was saying. At first she seemed unsure of what to do with the information, but then she sighed and her eyebrows creased.

"And you wish for my help?" She asked, bringing out the big quesion, the question we had come for.

"Yes" I nodded, as Duke sat beside me silent and intent.

"Have you spoken to Callum, Andre any other about this?" She asked, looking inbetween me and Duke.

I shook my head as Duke did "Andre' knows, but he knows nothing of the plan" I told her being honest.

She nodded and seemed to think again.

"I'll talk to the others" She spoke, looking back up at me "It's a risk and i could lose some of my friends, but if this is to save your life, i don't see any other choice"

It wasn't going to come to that.

After another hours worth of chatting, we left. Gloria had halfed agreed to it, but i could see the uncertain look in her eye. I felt bad for even putting her in that position, but i needed Duke and the others to think i was all for this plan. Even though i wasn't.

"How'd it go?" Darius asked immediatley as we walked back into the house.

"She'll think about it" Duke sighed.

"Where's Mary?" I asked, just wanting to get my plan through and through before i changed my mind.

"Kitchen" Darius answered, staring off at nothing in particular.

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