Chapter Three - Home

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The house was small, and needed a lot of work, but maybe that was what i needed. Making this house a home, would take my mind off of other things. It would make me proud and not want to leave as much as i did now just to be back in the arms of Duke.

So, i did what any other person would do in my situation. I took it. It was cheap and close to work, so i couldn't knock it back. The yard was large, and out back, i saw plenty of potential. I wouldn't be allowed to move in for a good two days at least, but that was fine with me. It'd give me time to start work, earn money and buy furniture.

Pete seemed happy about it, excited for me. I had big dreams for the house, and for the next three days, i couldn't stop thinking about it and what i was going to be doing to make it a home. Like i'd suspected, i was hired at Ruby's Antiques. I'd been working there for the last two days, and it was perfect. The money wasn't much, but the hours i'd spend working, were nice. It wasn't packed, only few customers coming in to explore, but working with Kasey was cool. Almost like hanging out with Clora again.

It was Friday today, just another day at work. Except today, i was moving into my new home. I haden't seen much of Pete, but i just guessed he was working as well. I wondered if he had found anything, a new home or if he was still staying in the motel.

"Hey" Kasey greeted me as i walked into work early that morning.

"Hello" I replied, happy to see her. She was the type that made a something out of anything, she could make you smile with the most simplest things. She was most definitely the kind of person i needed around in this moment of my life. That, and she didn't ask questions about my life and it's inner secrets.

"Any news on the house?" She asked, as i met her at the front desk where she was glueing buttons back on a pile of vintage shirts.

"Moving in today actually" I told her, smiling from ear to ear.

"Yay!" She chirped, clapping her hands together like a child would "So we leaving straight after work today to get you some furniture?" She asked, knowing that i had barely anything here with me.

"I don't think i can afford that much. A bed, that's about it" I told her, kind of embarrassed.

"Pish posh, that's okay. I'll help out" She winked.

"Oh, no, no i can't let you do that" I said, even more embarrasses than before.

"Shoosh. I haven't had anything to spend my riches on anyway. I'm quite the bargain hunter too, trust me, i'd be doing you a favor" She smiled, not really bothered by how much of a big deal this was to me.

"Are you sure? I mean, i can pay you back as soon as i get the money" I told her, feeling guilty already.

"I'm sure, and we'll sort that out when it comes too. We are going to turn your house into a pretty little home" She smirked, just as excited as i was.

I wondered if she had any other friends, did she treat them all as well as she was treating me. I hoped so. I would pay her back, as soon as i had the money i would. I had too.

"I have something to ask you, but i'm afraid it's probably too early" Kasey continued after a minutes silence. I began to help her with the glue gun, sticking the pasty coloured buttons onto the cream coloured shirts.

"Yeah, whats that?" I asked, a little on edge.

"Why did you move here?" She asked, taking a hold of my fears by the throat.

"Oh" I started with, unsure of what to say. I wanted to lie, but i couldn't keep lying to people, it wasn't who i was.

"I mean, if you don't want to answer, that's fine, i'm just curious. Overly curious probably. I'm sorry" She rushed out, a little flushed as she returned her eyes back to her buttons.

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