Chatper Ten - Past

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"There's been talk of a witch that's casting spells on his child, dark spells" My brother Darius spoke as we sat in the living room of my fathers mansion

"What kind of dark spells son?" My father asked him, intent on finding the man responsible for using dark magic on his human children

"Spells that can cure us of what we are. The antidote spell father" Darius informed him. My fathers face turned from it's soft posture to anger, shock

It was the worst spell out there amongst the witches. Only few had succeeded in the spell, ultimately leading to their own death. We didn't allow the witches to create such threatening spells, we took care of them for their idiotic bravery.
I was not happy about it, in fact I was probably more angry about it than what my father was about it.

"He must be stopped before he succeeds" Father sighed, rubbing his temples "We can't have another war on our hands"

"I'll take care of it" I told him, standing from the wooden table I sat at. I was hungry, angry, I could take the man and his family out within seconds while feeding my appetite on them.

"No brother, we will spare the child and the mother. The witch himself needs to be dealt with by father, we are not savages" Darius shot out in front of me, acting innocent, weak

"He will always be a risk, so will the child" I argued, pacing the floor

"No Duke, we will handle this" Father sided with my brother "Now please, leave" He flicked his head in my direction

I gave them both stern glares before storming from the room. It had always happened, I had always been brushed off as an inferior.
I wasn't going to let it slid like the other times I did. We were Vampires, barbaric blood-sucking Vampires and I was going to show them what creatures like me did to protect our kind.


That night, I did the necessary digging, requiring the help of Rogues along my quest to find the home of the witch and his family. Within a few hours, I had the address, the target, and I was going to destroy them before they destroyed us.

I was there just before midnight, determined to show my father and brother that this was the solution. We were not weak, we were strong, savage monsters who had zero sympathy for others, and I was going to uphold that reputation.

Standing across the street in the darkness, I had enlisted the help of a well known Rogue named Parry.
Together, we crossed the street, determined, and then, dramatically we burst through the front door, flying into the living room of the family home.
I was going to get it done, I was going to feed and leave with my head held high. I also knew that witch blood was exceptionally unique and the adrenaline ran through me like a wild fire at the mere scent of it.

Parry sped towards the upstairs rooms, while I remained downstairs, but within seconds, a scream erupted. I darted up in search of the noise and in front of the main bedroom stood a man.
The witch.
He had constructed a custom weapon, a crossbow holding silver stakes at the ready. Parry was on the ground, blood escaping violently from his leg as he clutched it, his eyes coal

"I'll make it quick" I growled, taking a step towards the witch as he stepped backwards, trembling

"Get Rosie out of here!" He screamed towards his wife as a baby began to cry hysterically behind him. I saw the woman rush around the room, leaning over a cradle as she picked an infant up, disappearing from my view as the man stepped towards me, pulling the trigger, sending a sharp stake into my stomach. Instantly I could feel the silver burn, curling into my flesh.
I seethed in pain and lunged forward at the man sending us tumbling to the ground. Within seconds I was on top of him, my teeth baring and ready when another two shots pulled from his weapon. The stakes were sent into my shoulder and upper leg. I fell to the floor, my body set alit with pain as I groaned.

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