Chapter Twenty Eight - Battle

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It was nearing battle time, and despite being a now fearless vampire, i actually began to feel nervous. In about two hours, I'd be facing of with a bunch of age old vampires and psychotic witches. I had no plan, no back-up and no idea what was going to happen. Thomas had left and i now sat in the living room with the team that would help me destroy the first made's and the witches to finish this for once and for all.

In the end, we'd gathered up Duke, Callum, Riley, Seth, Helena, Mary, Jaymi, Parry and surprisingly an angry Darius. He wasn't impressed when he discovered what i now was, but in the end, he chose to fight out his anger and who better than to take it out on than the first mades?

We were quiet, all lost in our own thoughts as we sat around waiting for time to hurry. I don't think anything was going to prepare us fully for what we were about to do.

"This is going to end in disaster" Mary mumbled.

"I wouldn't be one hundred percent sure on that if you had seen your little sis fighting earlier on" Riley proudly spoke about me. I was pretty sure he was the only one that had full accepted and embraced what i now was, what i had decided to become.

Callum felt awkward around me, and i couldn't bring myself to look at him for more than a second without pulling away.

"We should all fill up beforehand" Darius spoke, his voice deep and toneless as he looked around at mainly me and Duke.

"We need to be fully focused and at our best when we arrive" He continued. I knew automatically what he meant, we had to fill ourselves up on blood before the fight began, and i had to admit, the urge to drink more human blood was becoming just as unbearable as it was about three hours ago.

It was still hard to not breath in Callums scent along with Helena's, but i knew i had to manage, not think about it. They were here to help, they were on my side and i needed to remember that.

"When?" I asked Darius.

"Now" He shot back before standing and walking off towards upstairs and our stash.

Duke soon followed along with Mary, Riley and Seth. I got up about the same time as Parry and walked alongside him before giving Callum a quick look. His eyes drew up to meet mine and give me a sympathetic glance, i had a feeling he was uncomfortable with the idea of me now drinking human blood, but he should have been a whole lot happier that it wasn't his own.

I turned back around in time to walk up the stairs when Parry began to speak.

"When this is all over, we need to have a chat" He spoke, giving me a sideways glance.

"About my dad?" I asked, knowing exactly what he wanted to speak about.

His eyebrows creased as he looked at me.

"Thomas told me" I nodded "I know about it all and... and i forgive you" I smiled.

"Really?" He asked, confused as we walked down the hall.

"Yes" I nodded.

I side-glanced at him in time to see him smile. I loved my father, but he hadn't cared for me the way he should have. He had one thing on his mind when it came to me, that was weapon.

Did i make him proud now? Both his daughters were vampires.

I walked into the freezer room as Parry did and there sat the rest of the group already slowly sipping down blood like a casual cup of tea. How could they take it so easy? How could they not want to douse it like a car would with petrol? Once the taste hit my tongue, that was it, i couldn't control it, i wanted it all then and there.

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