Chapter Twenty One - Returning

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"Oh my god! Where have you been?!" Kasey jumped towards me as I stepped foot into her shop, Helena tagging along behind me

"Oh, just had some stuff to take care of back home" I shrugged, making it casual as she hugged me tightly

"I've missed you! I have to talk to you about so much, but firstly, have you seen Pete, I haven't seen him since yesterday morning and he usually messages me when he wakes up" She rushed out quickly, holding me by the shoulders as she stared wide-eyed at me

"No I haven't, but I am sure he will be around here somewhere" I told her, wanting to ease her mind.
I had no plans of killing Pete now that we had him safely locked up in our basement.
Grant would erase his mind and he'd return with no knowledge of me or my Vampire associates

"It's just unusual, you know" She sighed, letting go of my shoulders

"Pete's always been the spontaneous type, you know that" I told her confidently

"I guess so" She laughed, brushing it off

"Kasey this is my friend Helena, Helena, this is Kasey" I spoke, introducing the two to each other as Helena wandered around, examining the different items in the shop

"Hi" Kasey waved as Helena mumbled in response, more interested in the shops contents

"How much is this dress?" Helena turned towards the vintage wedding dress that still hung in the window

"Three hundred" Kasey smiled warmly, not alarmed by her coldness

"Tempting" Helena mumbled, holding the material in between her hands "Where'd you get it?"

"My mother brought it in" Kasey shrugged, ataining both mine and Helena's attention

"Did she say where she got it from?" Helena asked, keeping her gaze calm as I stood suspiciously

"An old friend of hers apparently" Kasey answered, now seemingly interested in Helena's curiosity

"What's your mothers name? Maybe I know her" Helena asked as I now knew what she was doing.
She was cunningly sucking information out of Kasey.

"Violet Hutching" Kasey answered slowly

"Hm, doesn't ring a bell, did she grow up around here?" Helena continued

"Her whole life" Kasey nodded

"She sounds like a very interesting woman" Helena smiled, a smile I hadn't even seen yet as she dropped the fabric from her hands

"You can meet her if you'd like, she's coming back from a trip tonight, wer're going out for dinner tonight at the steakhouse if you both want to join?" Kasey offered eagerly.

Poor Kasey, she had no idea what her mother was, what her mother could do. She seemed so innocent, so oblivious, somehow it made me feel a little better, one less person that knew meant one less friend to lose.

"Sounds good" Helena smiled again "What time?"

"Six" Kasey answered back

"We'll see you there then" Helena added before nudging me in the side, turning to walk out the shop

"Bye" I smiled to Kasey before following like a puppy

"Now I see what you mean by cunning" I mumbled as Helena and I walked the ten minute walk to my still standing, still paid home in Daint's Peek.
I knew I was going to lose it soon, I was running out of money.

"Never underestimate a witch" Helena sighed

"You never told me about the one you regretted killing" I sighed, my thoughts translating to speech

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