Chapter Eight - Awkward

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After my shower, i trudged downstairs and found Jaymi there. She was waiting for me, eager to cook me something for breakfast and have a long waiting chat. I looked forward to it, i'd missed her and her girlish ways.

"So tell me, why'd you run?" She asked as we sat beside each other facing the large windows outside as we sipped orange juice and ate honey coated pancakes.

I shrugged, forking a pancake slice as it dripped with sugar liquid "I was confused"

"Are you still confused?" She asked, edging closer and closer to the centre of my aching heart.

"Ask me again after Callum shows up eager to see how i'm hanging" I said, shoving the forkful into my mouth.

"To me, it sounds like you wished he didn't show up" She spoke, raising her eyebrows as she stared at me.

"I wish he didn't. But i know he will" I shrugged, chewing my food.

"What about this Pete guy i'm hearing all about? Did you and him - "

"God no" I cut her off, repulsed by the idea "He was a friend, that was it" I assured her.

"Hm" She mumbled, looking back down at her full plate "How was it living on your own?" She asked, changing the subject.

"It sucked" I smiled at her, swallowing my mouthful.

"Only cause you were alone" She winked.

"How are you and Riley going?" I asked, flipping it on her.

"We're good actually" She grinned, clearly beyond good "He's uh, planning on buying us a home close to here" She continued, not looking at me.

"Oh my god Jaymi, that's great!" I beamed towards her, happy that she'd found love with Riley and planned their forever future together as normal as they could.

"Really? I thought you'd be angry about it, upset at least" She spoke, turning her head to face me again.

"Why would i be?" I asked, confused.

"Cause then i'd just be you and Duke here" She said reluctantly.

I gave her a warm smile and rest my hand on her shoulder "I don't care about that, whatever makes you happy, makes me happy" I told her, genuinely happy that she was happy.

"I wished it was the same for you. I hate seeing my two close friends in so much pain all the time despite the tension and unbelievably high sexual frustration in between the two of you" She scoffed, picking up her fork as she averted her gaze.

"Hm" I mumbled, not sure what to say. I knew what she was talking about, because i felt it every time he was near me, i was a little embarrassed that she'd felt it too "I wish it was that easy" I mumbled.

"It is, just give in" She smiled, eager to make it work with her simple encouragement.

"Even when i gave in to myself when we were together he didn't want to take things further than... kissing" I spoke, feeling the awkwardness of where it was going "It just made things worse" I told her.

"He always stopped you didn't he?" She guessed, looking at me with some kind of sympathy.

"Good guess?" I tried, unsure of how she knew.

"He could hurt you, i mean, not that i know what..." She sighed trailing off "I can see where he's coming from, it's dangerous, and he's probably terrified of hurting you" She defended him.

"But that's just it. I know he wouldn't, you know that too" I said, more confident in him that anyone else was.

"Maybe he was just waiting for the right time" She shrugged "Is that what draws you to Callum, the idea of not having to hold back and set limits?" She asked, as she speared a pancake.

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