Chapter Eleven - Witch

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I'd taken Duke's chauffeur back to Daints Peek. I was going to meet Kasey there and maybe i'd accidentally run into Pete too. I wanted to know how he was going, how Kasey was going. Once i arrived, i felt a rush of adrenaline. The place brought back so many memories, unwanted memories, happy memories. I wasn't sure which i liked better.

The black Jaguar dropped me outside of my old workplace. I felt bad for no longer being there, earning my money for rent, but  a whole other epidemic was going on under my nose that i needed to tend to before returning to 'normal' life.

I pushed open the Antiques door and entered just as Kasey's small blond head popped up and took me in.

"Oh my god, Rosie, where have you been?!" She screamed, coming around from behind the bench to embrace me into a tight hug. I could only imagine what she'd thought happened to me.

"I uh, family emergency" I half lied.

"Is everything okay?" She asked, pulling back as she left her hands on my shoulders "What happened here?!" She almost screamed, tilting my head sideways as she noticed the bandage over my neck I'd forgotten about.

"Oh, uh, my aunt has one of those huge husky dogs, damn thing's vicious" I lied again, remembering the other time I'd used that excuse with Clora.

"Wow" She seemed to believe it as she let go of my chin "So how is everything, what happened?" She pushed urgent and concerned as we walked towards the desk, sitting where we usually did for work.

"My aunt had a fall, she was in hospital for awhile and i was so worried i was going to lose her" I lied, faking an upset expression as i averted my gaze around the room, taking notice of the beautiful wedding gown that sat in front of the window still.

"Oh my god, is she okay now?" Kasey continued.

"Yeah yeah, she's good now, but i, um, i promised her I'd stay awhile with her, just to make sure she's okay now she's home and all" I stumbled, feeling slightly proud at my lying ability. I may not have been able to fool Duke, but it was working on Kasey.

"That's fine Rose, just make sure she's okay. Family comes first" She smiled warmly, patting my hand on the table.

"Thanks Kase" I smiled in return "I will be back, i promise and tell your mother i'm sorry for the quick leave" I lightly laughed.

"I'm sure she won't mind" Kasey smiled back "Besides i have some news for you" The smile turned into an almost gloat as she grinned and blushed.

"What?" I asked, eager to know the goss.

"Pete and i..." She trailed off suggestively.

"You're dating him?!" I jumped, expecting it sooner or later.

She nodded excitedly, bobbing her head up and down "He's so wonderful" She beamed.

"I'm so happy for you Kase! Speaking of, where is he? I want to say a quick hello before i have to go again" I asked, knowing i was doing wrong by Duke, but he wouldn't find out, how could he?

"Working until late tonight, you'll have to swing by the steak house before you leave" She told me "He seemed pretty worried about you too, when he found out you were missing it was like ... hard to keep him calm" She continued, unsure as her eyebrows creased.

"Really?" I asked, just as confused.

'Yeah, it was kind of weird" She scoffed.

We talked for about another hour, i wanted to spend as much time as i could talking to her before i had to leave again, and when i thought about it, i may never see her again, or this town. I was now on a hit list, only this time, it was worse than the others. A bunch of first made vampires wanted me dead and my chances were slim of surviving.

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