Chapter Twenty Nine - Killed

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Darius and Riley now ran towards me when Kasey stepped forward and mimicked the move the other witch held on Duke and Thomas. They all fell to the floor and cried out in pain as they groaned and winced.

"He's right. This does end now" Carlos scoffed before slamming the stake once again into my flesh. This time, it hit my heart and i felt my inside's explode. He'd staked me and now, i could feel my skin burning like it had been lit on fire.

I screamed and fell backwards as the stake remained in my chest. Blood began to drip from my mouth as i lay there choking on my life. My vision went blurry when i caught sight of Seth speeding towards Carlos who proudly hovered above me. Carlos was too intent on what he had done to me when Seth managed to jump behind him and grip a hard hand on his face.

I saw the shock on Carlos's face when Seth pulled with striking force on his neck. A loud snap sounded before his eyes went dead, the pupils constricting before his entire body flew into an array of ash. I could hear the others wincing in pain, crying out as the witches contorted their bodies.

There was nothing i could do, i simply lay on the ground while blood seeped out of my nose and my mouth, now my heart. My eyes met Callum's as he saw me on the ground, dying. His eyes were wide, hurt when they turned cold and back towards Violet when he struck her with a hard fist. She fell to the ground before Callum stood over her.

"Your daughters next" He growled before he bent down to yank hard on her neck, a crack sounding before her entire body went limp.

"No!" Kasey screamed, noticing what had happened before she lost her balance and ran towards her dead mother.

Instantly, it let go of Riley and Darius as they stood and and charged towards Pete who held onto Jaymi and Mary. Pete rushed his free hand out, but it failed and i think that even shocked him when Darius reached him and placed a hand on either side of his head. Darius was blocking my view when the crack sounded soon followed by a thud of his limp body.

"Rosie!" I heard Duke call in agony as he and Thomas still cringed on the ground.

Darius noticed and stormed towards the other witch before yet another crack sounded. But it was becoming blurred and the blood was now freely flowing from my chest and my mouth. I gagged and my eyes were blotchy with black. My hands gripped the stake hanging out of my chest ready to pull it out when Duke and Seth rushed to my side, their eyes frantic and panicked as they looked down at me dying.

But before they could stop me, i had yanked the stake out and screamed in pain as it over-took my entire body.

"Rosie no!" Duke called as Seth closed his eyes and sighed in anger.

I retched forward as blood puddled underneath me and now flowed from the corners of my mouth.

"No, no no!" Duke panicked as the rest of the group joined my side.

"Do something!" Duke continued towards Mary as she held a hand over her mouth in shock.

She was in far too much shock to say or do anything when Duke grabbed her shoulders and shook her frantically demanding her to so something, anything to save me.

"Do something!" He demanded again as the others simply watched in sympathy. That's when i noticed who was missing. I saw Jaymi, Riley, Callum, Duke, Darius, and Seth. Two were missing.

"Parry" I chocked out, the blood spitting out more than my words.

"Joseph" Riley mumbled, looking down at me.

I shook my head not understanding when he sighed.

"The first made that attacked me, he got him" Darius answered back while Duke still tried to pry something out of Mary.

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