30. The End

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This is it. The final chapter my friends. I've come a long way with these series and the support i have been given is beyond incredible. I appreciate everything and every single one of you, if it wasn't for you, i wouldn't have come this far.
Thank you guys and i hope you enjoy this last chapter of my crimson rose series! xo


"Hear anything from Jaymi or Riley yet?" I asked as I carried my own and Duke's coffee cups towards the back of our home where the light tussle of wind blew my curled beach hair. The smell of salt ran along the bottom of my nose.

"Not yet" He answered back, taking his cup off of me as the blood swished around inside, fresh rabbit.

"I'm dying here" I smiled, sitting down on the wooden oak bench lined along the long patio beside Duke as he draped an arm around my shoulders.

I lifted the warm liquid to my lips and took a short swig of the coffee inside. I felt it run through my system and warm my blood as the wind continued to brush against the bare skin exposed around my white singlet top.

"Our bet is still on right?" I playfully asked, poking Duke in the chest with my elbow as he stared out into the beautiful clear water ahead of us. The sun just began to rise along the waters edge.

"Damn straight" He smiled back, his chin gaining a little more scruff that usual as he leaned back and sighed.

"Easy money" I mumbled, taking another sip of my coffee before placing it down on the stand beside the bench. I drew my knee's up to my chest and settled into Duke's arm behind me. I took in the sweet smell of sand and salt as I watched the oceans water gently brush against the shore not far from our patio.

I felt myself giggle when I noticed Parry leaning towards the light water sloshing against the shore's sand on his two front paws. Duke beside me laughed and shook his head as we watched him bark at the water like an enemy slowing crawling up towards us.

"Parry! Shush now!" I called out as his head snapped around towards me. He began to trot back to us, his white and grey thick fur bouncing around in the breeze. He dashed up the short stairs and sat down in front of me, his tail wagging happily as his bright green eyes stared up at me.

"Good boy" I smiled, reaching a hand out to stroke his head and ears. My engagement ring and wedding band gleamed on my finger, the sunrise catching it's diamonds as they reflected colours similar of a rainbow.

I had been married to Duke for about a month now. It was still hard to grasp the concept of Duke being my husband and myself being his wife. I knew that I couldn't be happier, couldn't be prouder. The ceremony was beautiful, perfect and I ran it over in my head nearly everyday. We had held the ceremony here, on the shore of our beach home on the outskirts of Darius's small owned island near Carnidale.

I was now twenty one and things had gotten a lot easier since my ordeals of being a cure. I had experienced nearly every downfall of being what I was, but now, it was time for me to experience every brilliant part of being what I was.

It was Spring, a few days from my 21st Birthday when I decided to do my first good deed. At first the others were unsure of it, but I knew, I knew that it was what i needed and wanted to do.
A week later - about 7 pints of blood later - stood in front of me my cousin Thomas. His skin returned to a beautiful tanned colour, his pupils loosing more of their weight.
I would never forget the transformation on his face as he returned to his human form. His eyes sparkled, his mouth twitched upright and his cheeks flushed when he felt the sun's warmth on his fragile skin.

It brought just as much happiness to me as it did marrying Duke.

A month later, i decided to create my second good deed.

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