Chapter Twenty Four - Family

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"What are you talking about?" Jack asked me as we sat on the porch of his home far away from any other form of human contact as the children played out the front in the long grass.

"Thomas" I told him, staring at my daughter and nephew as they laughed and tackled one another.

"What about Thomas?" Jack asked, confused as he shook his head, his brown eyes deep and concentrated.

"I think you should do the same with him as i have done with Rosalie" I told him, eager to start a new race that would bring back the undead.

"I will not risk his life for a spell that could ultimately make him one of the most deadliest chances out there" He objected immediately with a slam down of his fist on his knee.

"Thomas would not turn into one of them, you know that. And neither will my daughter. They will be the saviours, the new chance for those beasts" I told him, hoping to convince him of the wise choice.

"It's still far too risky" Jack shook his head again, this time somehow thinking of it.

"It isn't as difficult as people make it out to be brother. It would take us less than an hour to convert him and he will be forever a cure, just as my daughter is" I proudly told him, gazing out through the hot summer fly screen as my dear Rosalie laughed as Thomas ruffled around her deep brown hair.

"And now Rosalie will always be an item of interest to the vampires, she will be in danger of becoming one of them more so than if she was just a witches daughter" Jack told me, pushing the idea far away again as i sighed and leaned back in the wooden chair.

"She will do great things for us and them one day Jack. She will cure them, she will rid this world of the blood suckers and their plans" I told him fully believing in my daughter and her future.

It had been six years since I'd cast the spell upon Rosalie, turning her into a vampires cure. I wasn't sure it was going to work, and the risk was huge, but it had succeeded and here she was, the pride and joy of my world, my future.

I had already come across the vampires in need of killing her, changing her, one in particular had nearly taken our lives on one occasion. A strong egotistic vampire by the name of Duke, but we had beaten him and here i was with my precious Rosalie and her mother Liza, safe and sound. I wouldn't mention that to Jack, not if i wanted him to belive his son would be better off as a cure.

"You do trust me brother, do you not?" I asked Jack, not willing to give up as of yet.

"Of course i do" He quickly answered.

"One day, Rosalie will cure vampires. She will turn them back into the humans they were, they should be. She will become the secret weapon of defense for human-kind" I told him "She will return this world to what they once were and my one hope is that Rosalie will find Mary, bring my dear Mary back to the good side" I added, holding my head down at the memory of giving up my first born daughter.

There was nothing harder than the moment i discovered what Mary was once going to become. I could feel her rage, her anger even through her innocent childhood.

He lifted his eyes up over his thick eyebrows and sighed. I took that look in, the look that gave in, believed every word i had said.

"When would we do it?" He asked, rubbing his temples.

"Tonight if you'd be up for it?" I half asked him with a nod, my eyes intent on his.

He simply nodded and gazed out towards his son. I felt his pain, his uneasiness, his guilt. But this wasn't for myself, or him, nor our children. This was for the greater of good, for the race of human-kind. Our children would be heroes, they would be told in years to come as the very children that rid the nation of evil mythical creatures.

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