Chapter Thirteen - Hugo

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"I know what to do" I mumbled, more to myself as both Darius and Duke looked at me questioningly

"What?" Darius asked, leaning forward on his elbows

"We need more than they can manage, we need everyone and everything we can get" I began, "They may be the original Vampires, but there are other species out there with the same amount of experience, we will have a Witch, Vampires, and hopefully... Angels" I told them, thinking about Gloria and her undeniable power

"Do you honestly think we will all be able work as a happy little team together?" Darius argued instantly "Do you know how many of my men those Angels have killed?"

"You need to push away the past and focus on the future, if you want one that even slightly resembles peace" I snapped, looking at Duke who sat silent, thinking about it "I'll go to Belgium, I will bargain with her, plead on my knees if I have to, we need her, we need as many of them as possible" I continued

"She's right Darius, it's worth a shot, even if they don't agree to help us" Duke sighed, standing up to pace the living room

"They are our enemies, it's in their natural to kill us, what if they decide to turn on us after the First-Made's are gone?" Darius stood up, rubbing his temples

"They won't, I know Gloria, I know Andrè, and Callum, I trust them" I tried to convince him

"I have spoken to Gloria, she appears trustworthy Darius, much different to what we've been told" Duke started, thankfully siding with me

"You spoke to her?" He asked, surprised

"She was of great help in time of need" Duke admitted, nodding as he stopped pacing

"Father will flip if he finds out, you do realise that?" Darius spoke again, glaring towards his brother

"It's not about father, it's about Rosie" Duke replied, almost pleading Darius

"Fine, do what you have to do, but if any of them even slightly nudge out of line, it'll be the last thing they ever do" Darius threatened, frustrated as he pointed a finger at Duke

"Fine" Duke responded, nodding in agreement

Darius shook his head and stormed up the stairs to where Mary had disappeared to

"God I hope this is the right thing to do" I sighed, rubbing my pulsing temples.

I trusted the Angels, I half trusted Mary, but I had no idea what the First-Made's were like. I was putting everyone I cared about at risk, just to protect myself.
I felt selfish, and it made me think dangerously.

The First-Made's wanted me, just me, what if that was the only thing I gave them? Everyone I cared about would be safe, they would survive because of my sacrifice. It was a prospect I had many times before explored, and this time, it was no different.

People were going to get hurt, and it scared the hell out of me. This wasn't going to be easy, not even near easy. This was going to be a bloodbath.

"It'll work" Duke reassured me, pulling me from my train of thought as he wrapped his arms around my waist

"I hope so" I mumbled into his chest, closing my eyes as he stroked my hair.

There was one more person I wanted to try to side with me. One other person I imagined to be beneficial to our fight, despite the past we had. If he was as strong as he had said, then we needed him, I needed him.

"Aw, looks like the dynamic duo is back together" Riley's voice suddenly appeared behind us as he emerged from the main hall

"Glad to hear that you're okay, Pete could have killed you" I pulled away from Duke

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