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Here is the true last part lol Hope you like it. I made it nice and cliffhangey! :P


Ever since Vlad had woken up with Lisa in the middle of a field things had been weird. He didn’t remember how the got there…or really anything else, just Lisa. Aunt Liz had said he was gone for months, but that was ridiculous. He had been at school every day since school started all those months ago with…someone. He felt a migraine coming on.

Vlad was sitting in his history class minding his own business when next to him sat a green eyed beauty. Mr. Carter was droning on about the importance of having morals in war, not noticing the sleeping teens around him. He felt a presence in his mind he couldn’t explain. That man is so dense and boring.

He looked over sharply at the red headed girl smiling at him. “Hi, I’m Melody.” Her eyes changed colors, he could have sworn, just briefly, but no that was impossible. No one’s eyes could change color, what was this, a paranormal romance novel?

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