Ivory Fangs (Ch.15)

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I am soo Sorry it took soo long.** Old habits die hard I guess....as always my fans are the best ever especially since they have stuck with me this far. I love yioy guys. Onwards to the Mindight. Onwards to Vlad. Hope you enjoy it, though it is a bit short....****************LET THE STORY BEGIN AND KEEPY YOUR FANGS SHARP


Vlad sat in the room he had come to this of as home despite the less than hospitable neighbors, lack of air conditioner and a minor lack of windows. Of course he was anxious as he could possibly get at returning to his home. Returning to the large Victorian house he had resided in for so many months with his dear aunt, his last relative. His last link to the world he used to belong to before he was sucked into the vast and scary world of the night. The world of the Vampire. The world of Xia.

Xia. His dearest lost love. The girl he once thought he loved. But what is love really? Vlad knew he was only 17. Only a boy compared to the vast majority of her people. Her parents alone were probably older that his family line. And yet withal of the power she held as a princess, former princess that is, she still wanted him. But for how long?

Upon the dank mattress in the room, he sat. And thought. For hours. Vlad was in the one place he was sure he would never be appreciated, but it was his world, or at least it was now. In the strife and struggle and through the matches, along the way, Vlad had become ready to accept the world. But now with the knowledge that his adventure may finally be ending, he wasn’t quite ready to change worlds, back to the normal grind that was Suburbia. He knew had his friends from home caught wind of him, marveling at the chance to return to the place he so much loved for its normalcy, they’d balk at him and assume he was on some new drug.

Two knocks came to his door. Knock. Knock. Then two more.  He unlatched his door and slowly opened it. Standing before him were two guards armed to the teeth with tasers, flash grenades and other pretty toys that seemed to jump out of a Call of Duty catalogue. The grabbed his arms, just as they had done hundreds of times since he had been brought into this cruel world. Slowly, but surely, the led him down the narrow path that led to the stairs, through the damp halls and past the competitor’s tunnel where the released him.

Vlad stepped over the threshold into the sand filled ring for what he knew would be the final time. The ring had created a barrier, just as it always did preventing him from exiting the match before the spectators got their barbaric share of fun. Vlad angled his head towards the crowd who sat on all four sides of him, filling the stands with laughing women, men and children. He was disgusted. Never in his life (before he had been kidnapped) had he been exposed to the horrible underground of the human world, let alone the atrocities that went on in the Vampire Underground.

From the other side of the ring Vlad saw Lisa coming from her tunnel. They met in the middle with a referee in standard white and black. They wordlessly shook hands. “Hope you’re ready to loose” Lisa said in a mock arrogant tone…or maybe it was a real arrogant tone, Vlad dint know enough about her to make assumptions. She immediately dropped into a stance reminiscent of a martial arts fighter just as the Referee said “fight”. Good. This’ll be interesting. After that last thought left his mind he didn’t even see Lisa when she dashed up to him and kicked him right in his rib cage. Vlad flew. In one sentence: It hurt.

Vlad picked himself up breathlessly. The sand in his mouth tasted horrible. But not worse than the subtle coppery taste of his own blood. Vlad flipped brown locks from his eyes and charged at a steady pace meeting in midair with one of Lisa’s flying kicks straight to his shoulder, then another on the ground to his ribcage. So its vitals she’s going for.

For the third time in a row, Vlad mentally grabbed himself and dragged himself to his feet. This time he had a plan. Lisa was twenty feet away peering at the crowd. She swung around and stared at him as if willing him to die right there. Vlad ran at her head forward as the crowd on all sides cheered at their fan favorite. “Exile seems to be taking a risk, running straight into Fury,” the announcer intoned. “Can he win the match and remain the undefeated fan favorite? Or will Fury make a name for herself from his loss.” A loud series of boo’s erupted at the mention of Lisa’s stage name, her slave name.

Vlad ran into her barreling her down like a linebacker. She punched kicked out for his groin. Instead of countering it, Vlad moved to the right and knife handed a pressure point in the leg she was standing on. “What ever happened to no dirties,” he asked slyly as he collapsed to the floor, sweeping her to hit the floor hard. Lisa flipped to her feet like a gymnast. Vlad smiled as he saw that familiar glint in her eye, the one signifying she had a plan.

They faced one another, almost as equals for the final time and he knew that. Lisa shouted something indecipherable at the top of her lungs running at Vlad, then past Vlad. She stuck her arm out towards the stands and a blast of light erupted, igniting the stands. Lisa looked at Vlad as if he knew what to do and dashed into the panicking crowd of Supernaturals. Vlad raised his hand distantly without a conscious thought. “FoxFyre…” he said before the entire stand in front of him was engulfed in flames. Vlad looked down to see his hands trailing silver light. The guards reached for him and were each met with a shove and a pulse erupted from his hands. Each guard burst into white fire.

Dazedly and light headed, Vlad walked through the stands with people dashing away from him and the rapidly burning seating bleachers. The fire was burning like something hungry, but it wasn’t engulfing Vlad; only the objects of his hatred, the objects of his admonishment were being burned: The people who hurt him. When Vlad was less than a 3rd of the way from the door the guards bean to take out their guns.  They open fired. Oddly enough, none of the bullets hit. “He’s protected, “they exclaimed.

Sylvester shouted up from the announcer’s box where the flames where slowly creeping. “Exile! Come back. You are mine! I own you.” Vlad flicked his fingers and the flames jumped from the ground upwards towards the box some 50 feet away. Then the flames subtly exploded releasing more flames. Strangely, in the back of Vlad’s mind he didn’t even hear the screams.

As Vlad walked up the stairs he saw waiting for him, none other than Lisa with a sardonic grin on her face. "I told to let me handle it," she said emphasizing her I told you so vibe. As they set off into the darkness of the night, Vlad knew that he was ready for the world of the night, that he knew that there was no getting out of it. Just before they stepped off of the ground containing the Midnight Market, Vlad collapsed straight to the floor and at his side was a small fox puppy.

The puppy was engulfed in a swirl of light white-hot, and reappeared as a boy. As Lisa sighed they both grabbed Vlad and dragged him off into the black.

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