Grim (Reaper x Reader) by ThatTrashChild
Grim (Reaper x Reader)by That Trash Child
First off... I DO NOT HAVE A THING FOR REAPER, I am not a fan girl. I just saw how poor old edgy Reaper, doesn't get much love. Again, just cuz he's my favorite characte...
  • notafangirl
  • reaper
  • bored
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Full Metal Everything (RWBY X Reaper) by Fair_Play
Full Metal Everything (RWBY X The Grey Man
With the Whitefang getting more and more aggressive with their attacks on the Schnee dust company and the kingdoms, James Ironwood has been losing more and more of his s...
  • bo3
  • rwby
  • malereader
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He's My Mate by SkylarSaitou
He's My Mateby Steph
(boyxboy/manxman/malexmale) Aiden is a 15 year old rogue, not even old enough to have a solid place in a pack yet let alone a mate. What will he do when he is suddenly c...
  • promise
  • lgbt
  • mystery
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Reaper x reader (lemon 🍋) by 3_kermit
Reaper x reader (lemon 🍋)by Kermit III
Cover by @saa-pandaleon 💖 ~~~ First fic so go easy on me :') ~~~ Warnings: Sexual Content ~~~ Being bored 101
  • reaperxreader
  • nsfw
  • blackwatch
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Overwatch boyfriend scenerios/ preferences by ChocoBr0
Overwatch boyfriend scenerios/ Chocolate
Scenarios between you and Overwatch boys! Includes Genji, Hanzo, Jesse (McCree), Jack (Soldier), Gabe (Reaper), Zenyatta, Lucio, and Jamison (Junkrat) contains some smu...
  • gabe
  • mccree
  • genji
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Op Grimm Reaper Male Reader x Highschool Dxd by Alphapyro
Op Grimm Reaper Male Reader x Kade Lenard
Once there was a being who was feared by all including Great Red and Ophis. He is the death of "the dream" and the end of "the infinite", he is Y/N L...
  • reaper
  • öp
  • dxd
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Reaper || ⚠️ON HOLD⚠️ STEPHEN (null)
Inspired by "Being Human" 🖤 • In which a human who can see spirits falls for a reaper. • I was sixteen when I first felt him. His presence, his aura, his own...
  • daddykink
  • sirens
  • love
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Determined or Heartless? [Reaper Reader X Frisk... Chara... Or Both?] by Freakskullz98
Determined or Heartless? [Reaper Freak Skullz
Just knowing there is infinite realms to choose... It fills you with Determination. Knowing there is countless of timelines... It fills you with Determination. Meeting s...
  • reaper
  • undertale
  • chara
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In Love With The Enemy (Undertale AU Multiship Story) by EmoTrash360
In Love With The Enemy ( Brooke Is Trash
After Error falls in love with his sworn enemy, Ink, his teammates also start to fall for people... SHIPS: Crossmare Kreme Errink HorrorLust Kustard Dustberry Afterdeath...
  • nightmare
  • killer
  • reaper
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A Coin for the Dead by Twoony
A Coin for the Deadby Twoony
They say death is only the beginning. Asher didn't expect it'd be the beginning of bad game shows, pac man scares, and pinball nightmares. After meeting his Reaper, Ethr...
  • reaper
  • death
  • lgtbq
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Ask the Sanses!  by Pidge_UT_3
Ask the Sanses! by They/them my dudes
*Sanses ready for asks* Blue: OOOH! Floating words! Fell: the hell's going on here? Error: wHy aM I hErE? Ink: Hi Glitchy! *hugs* Error: *glitched screaming* Fresh: YO Y...
  • ink
  • afterdeath
  • fresh
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RWBY X (Abused) Reader by hadesson5
RWBY X (Abused) Readerby John Doe
Cover temporary. Calvin Schnee, Brother of Weiss Schnee, was abused for years. His 'father' beat him, and broke his bones daily. His sister wasn't much better. though s...
  • rwby
  • yang
  • blake
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(Editing) Reapers -- Thirteen Brothers (Watty Awards Paranormal Story of 2012) by Tsubame
(Editing) Reapers -- Thirteen Shim Simplina
(Reapers Chronicles Book I of III) (Watty Awards Paranormal Story of 2012) I know I'm supposed to be dead. But for some reason, I'm not. I am Aramis Rayne. Occupation:...
  • haunting
  • burning
  • hospital
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overwatch X Reader Oneshots by SpazzingCookies
overwatch X Reader Oneshotsby Melbell
I may do requests, but really I'm making this just to put the ideas I have down for it. (No NSFW!)
  • gabrielle
  • readerxcharacter
  • reader
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Baby 76 (OverWatch x Baby!Reader) by PyroMax
Baby 76 (OverWatch x Baby!Reader)by Max
Little stories with a Baby! Reader and the Overwatch
  • solider76
  • hanzo
  • junkrat
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Overwatch x Female Reader (Couple Scenarios) by TheMissingDeadGirl
Overwatch x Female Reader ( Missing Girl
Want to know what your life is like with your dream Overwatch character then you have come to the right place hope you enjoy in. Also new to this so I hop I do well and...
  • mccree
  • drama
  • junkrat
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Onyx (Blackhawk MC #4) by rebekahlthompson
Onyx (Blackhawk MC #4)by Rebekah Lynne
THIS IS BOOK 4 OF BLACKHAWK SERIES. COMPLETED-UNEDITED My name is Isla. My parents died six years ago and a woman offered me a dancing gig. What I didn't know is that I...
  • trapped
  • biker
  • reaper
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Bloodrush〈76 x Reader x Reaper〉 by MeiSanniang
Bloodrush〈76 x Reader x Reaper〉by Mei
After being frozen in cryogenic sleep for over a decade, you finally returned to the waking world. Sadly, things were no longer the same. Gabriel Reyes, the love of yo...
  • pov
  • soldier
  • overwatch
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a touch of death ( Stiklaus) by MyGoodLuckCharm
a touch of death ( Stiklaus)by MyGoodLuckCharm
Everything stiles touches dies , whether its human, animal, or plants, it dies. He discovered his power when he was a kid, his mother called it a gift his father called...
  • boyxboy
  • basheestiles
  • hybrid
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Rise of the fallen Reaper [Rwby X Male reader, Reaper Sequel] by Freakskullz98
Rise of the fallen Reaper [Rwby Freak Skullz
Time has past as our Grim reaper, the Revived Warrior, and the Ice cream theme Girl are traveling to correct what The reaper has done. Will he be forgiven when he come c...
  • rwby
  • malereader
  • fanfiction
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